Another week of lock-down begins

Now that my partner’s college winter semester is done, and the spring/summer one won’t begin till May, there is some breathing space in this household. He doesn’t have to teach online classes for a couple of weeks which means we can make regular daily noise while sequestered in this teeny tiny house instead of no noise while he’s speaking into his audio system.

Which is also why I have put my teenager on a school schedule.

Remember MeanMomβ„’? She’s back. πŸ˜‰

Is it wrong of me to insist people rise prior to lunch? On weekdays?

There has been no sports, no activity, just sleeping, eating, video games and a little homework.

He’ll be fine. We’ll all be fine…but I insist he re-learn how to live during daylight hours.

I did receive a recommendation to spritz the boy with lavender-scented water. Which is a lovely thought considering I would rather use a bucket filled with ice water… πŸ˜΅πŸ˜‚

Anyway. I’m conducting a science experiment. Wanna see?

From left to right I have: Romaine lettuce, Swiss Chard, cooking onion, celery and turnip.

The carrots and the other turnip have already been planted in a pot.

Gardening is therapeutic but it’s still so cold outside that I’m resorting to puttering around with vegetable scraps, and seeds, on my window sill.

A visit to my parents will occur later this week as well; apparently mom found some seed packs and picked them up for me. Spinach, I think, is among those. 😊

Today is also day 1 of get off my ass and walk somewhere. Like, beyond the backyard or the neighbour’s flower garden. 😳 My body has turned to jelly…every toned muscle that existed before-pandemic (BP) is now um, not toned.

May do two walks and take the teenager with me this afternoon…wish me luck.

Happy Monday to you and yours!

31 thoughts on “Another week of lock-down begins

  1. We’ve been through this with our kids too. Luckily they seem to have righted themselves. This morning – term started again today – they were up, and already had their laptops out by the time I arrived to join them.


  2. We had 2″ of snow on the ground at 9 a.m. yesterday. Four hours later, not a trace. That, at least, is proof that it’s springtime.

    Why lavender-scented water? To shame him into getting up and into the shower? Ha…

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  3. Your plants are looking good. I’ve been doing the same and — if nothing else — I think we shall have pumpkins (again) this year.

    One of the twins asked if we could try and germinate some orange seeds as well. They’re planted… we shall see what happens.

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      1. That sounds positive.

        If the orange seeds germinate I will be happy. The main concern I have is that there is nowhere in the house that is both sunny and cat-proof.

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  4. Great post! Trying my hand at vegetable scrap sprouting myself. Starting with a sweet potato. I read they can take the south Florida heat πŸ™‚ I am thinking of trying ginger next!

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  5. We will be getting more rain today. I had my walk with the pug this morning in a race to get it done as the winds are strong. Now, I am off to the races with online as one semester is ending and another is just beginning.

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