Developing a stand-alone story into more

A little while ago I released a short story on this blog as an experiment.

The story Stalemate (part 1) (1200ish words – under 10 minute read) was a stand-alone piece of fiction I created in which I explore character development in a romantic setting. If you’ve read it you will have noticed I deviated away from the standard romance genre…nothing Harlequin about my writing style. ā˜ŗ

My aim was to write a sexually charged preamble, without actually delving into any sort of resolution. There was no happy ending, no steamy sex, no contact at all.

I wanted to create an introspective analysis of the protagonist as she reacted to a man who causes her much emotional turmoil. Basically, it was (supposed to be) about building tension between the two opposing characters.

I think I succeeded.

The two characters have stayed with me over my lackluster week in the abyss (i.e. my depression during lock-down). I had a hard time letting them go, so periodically, I made some notes about some possible sub-plots, or further development.

Well let me tell you something…I woke up this morning literally oozing drama and development! Maybe all those years during my youth watching soap operas has finally paid off… šŸ˜„

I decided to have some fun with this story here on the blog. So hold on to your hats, I’m going to entertain you with a little romantic fiction.


Don’t expect erotica or even explicit sex scenes. This is not what my focus is. My intention is to develop characters, maintain a proper POV (point of view), find a voice to tell the male perspective (which is quite a challenge in itself since I am not a man šŸ˜›) and, perhaps, properly link the characters to others. As we all know, relationships are usually hinged on other relationships.

I will attempt to set the scene by dreaming up some background, but the main focus is on the characters and their internal dilemmas.

I’ve already started and have three subsequent chapters in progress.

What do you say? Are you along for the ride? If you are, I of course absolutely appreciate your feedback.

To read Stalemate, click here. (less than 10 minutes to read, about 1200 words)

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