Lockdown Easter morning

No one is up. It’s only 7…

I have coffee.

I’m resigned, in some way, that we have almost no produce. All those carbs lately are making me feel lethargic and sad…it just doesn’t agree with me. But the line-ups were around the corner every day everywhere since Wednesday and I’m beginning to understand that this is the new normal for the foreseeable future.

I dabbled a bit with online shopping. The prices though…I don’t know. We’re going to have to adjust our lifestyle in terms of diet and nutrition significantly in order to keep at it, this flattening the curve mentality.

Which isn’t to say that I don’t look forward to reaping the rewards of my girl’s Easter prep yesterday. You want to see?


Trying to keep it together despite the cold and rainy forecast.

Happy Easter Sunday morning… It’s going to be a different, unusual one this year.

Continuation of Easter lunchtime here

34 thoughts on “Lockdown Easter morning

  1. I read in a beautiful book that there are two ways to consider time. One way is clock time, which is always in a hurry and handles our routines and obligations. The other way to consider is the time of events. It is the time that leaves recorded scenes, words, moments, emotions in our memory. This is our treasure when we look at the past and remember with joy what has already happened.
    The girl preparing the cookies and eggs for Easter was living the time of the events. You’ll never forget those scenes.
    Happy Easter for you.


  2. I deliberately avoided the grocery stores this week figuring everyone would be buying for their Easter meals, so I’m hoping Easter Monday or Tues, early am, seniors hour will be better and perhaps cleaner. I checked our cubboards today and while we still have food, things are running down. Plus this weeks cold and rain/flurries forecast may discourage some people. Pick the worst weather day!

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      1. Not a good idea for me….I went this morning and No Frills was crazy. Parking lot was full and it took me an hour and a half to get my stuff! Everyone must have had the same idea. Got blown away by the wind trying to get the overloaded cart to the car.

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  3. Yeah, my fridge and freezer are starting to have daylight in them. And I have no paycheck coming Tuesday night; my next one will be one week from Tuesday night. Thank heaven my pantry is still well stocked!

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  4. The online pick up spots are hard to get. I have one for next Sunday but I got it like a week ago. I did go on Thursday evening and there were probably about 15 people ahead of me in line to get in but it went fast. I think I probably waited about 5 minutes and once in the store it was wonderful. Not crowded at all. So that worked out good for me but I know it is not always like that. I have never done the order online and pick up before but figured this is the time to try it and see how it goes. I am worried about not getting things, too, or too many substitutions.
    The Easter creations look wonderful!

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  5. This is tough isn’t it Claudette. Each day just slips into the next and then you sort of forget that how we are living now isn’t what we’ve always done. It’s just weird and surreal.
    Do you have stores where you can order online and then pick up? Many here in WA do that, which is how I’ve been getting food each week and the basic fruits and veg are mostly available.

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      1. I agree. I couldn’t even get my usual Saturday pick up this time, so going in a few hours. Everyone already had taken available times… which makes me wonder are they just hanging onto tradition with their own immediate family groups, or still planning big celebrations that shouldn’t really be happening…

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  6. At least you didn’t wake up to 6″ of snow!

    I hear that farmer’s markets are actually open…even in my former hometown in WA state. They’re just practicing social distancing like crazy. Produce hasn’t been an issue here, but then again, our population is much smaller than yours.

    Happy Easter, btw!

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      1. Can you do grocery curbside pickup? It’s free and I have great luck with Walmart. The fresh produce they give me is perfect. You have to be patient with the app to get a pickup time, but lots of other stores are doing curbside as well.

        Regardless, Happy Easter! 🐰🐣 I hope you have a good day.

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      2. We haven’t tried curbside yet. May have to look into that…

        I’m going to attempt FarmBoy. It’s small, well run and well stocked. I’ll wear a mask and gloves and select my own produce.

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      3. Thank you for supporting local businesses! The curbside can be a bit frustrating, I will admit. I just talked to my dad and the first dates available at his store are 6 weeks out. I get immediate dates if I log on from home. If I try it from work, I get nothing. So weird. Good luck & stay safe!

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      4. Yes, there’s a little veg stand hole-in-the-wall shop where we can get produce. I do tend to stick close to home whenever I can.

        The FarmBoy has good quality meat and dairy, which is helpful as well.

        Happy Easter to you and yours.

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