Lockdown Easter lunchtime

Continuation of Easter morning

We seem to have a problem with our guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs Nugget and Oreo with their trusty owner Girl Child.

After we feasted on our Easter breakfast, everyone went off to do their own thing.

I was sitting on my bed trying to finish reading an ebook that is due today. Since someone else had put it on hold it will disappear from my phone tonight and I’m only half-way through.

Anyway, my girl comes in and interrupts me. I look up and ask her what’s up.

“Mommy, you have to stop feeding the pigs!” she says.

She googled what their appropriate weight is supposed to be and collapsed into a fit of giggles.

“Oreo is close to a pound overweight!” she informs me. “And Nugget, who is smaller than Oreo, is a whole pound heavier than he should be!”


We had moved the pigs upstairs from their basement cage when lock-down began, partly to help us transition into this new life as inmates with a few positive distractions. Their cage, which is two-tired and includes a ramp, remains empty and is still downstairs. The pigs reside in a make-shift spot on the floor in front of the television now.

They have been nothing if not entertaining. Did you know guinea pigs whistle like birds? First time they did this I actually thought a bird had flown into the house through an open door…

So these two furry piggles whistle whenever someone walks through the open concept kitchen, which, given we are here constantly, is all the time. They are no dummies, our rodent companions, they know exactly where the food comes from…

Apparently, their obesity is my fault, my kid lectures me. I give them the bits of veg that are cut off while preparing our own meals…so several times a day I interact with these two tiny fat beggers by presenting them a doll-sized plate of yummy veggies.

Perhaps it’s time to stop. 😐

“They’re going to have piggie heart attacks!” my girl exclaims while continuing with her giggles. “Can’t you feel all their blubber when you pick them up?”

Yes. Yes, I can. 😛

29 thoughts on “Lockdown Easter lunchtime

  1. I had guinea pigs in my house and I can assure you they have no sense of satiety. They are rheodors and may have their teeth moving while awake. Good luck to you with that.


  2. We have an enormous, overweight ginger cat. It’s nothing to do with what we feed him. It’s either down to his own lethargy, or he’s being fed elsewhere. We’ve never figured it out.

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  3. I had 2 guinea pigs over the years. I am by no means an expert, however, wouldn’t hay and fresh veggies be a more natural, healthy diet than over-processed pellets? I love their sounds. So sweet….

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  4. Only twice in my 14 years of guinea pig momming have I heard the bird chirping noise.

    When any of mine have gotten chunky my vet has suggested decreasing the pellets given and increasing the hay. He’s kind of anti-vegetable because he thinks it’s not great for overall digestive tract functioning, but I think that’s just plain mean.

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  5. The closest I’ve come to owning a guinea pig was never owning a guinea pig.

    I did have a hamster once, though. Which was all fine and dandy, until he escaped from his cage and chewed through a Billy Joel record. Vinyl and all. Not cool, dude…not cool at all.

    I’ve stuck with cats ever since.

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