I hung a bath mat over a railing.





I also wrote 60-gazillion words into this blog and deleted them all. Then I turned on the electric blanket and went to bed at 7:30 pm.

It’s now 7:32 pm.

Everything is stupid.

The end.

26 thoughts on “Today

      1. Yeah me too, just wish the cough (which isn’t constant or anything just annoyingly hanging on) would also go away like the fever, the weakness, the loss of appetite for the most part i am healthy although I was told i am not considered virus free till the damn clingy cough is gone

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  1. I understand what it’s like to delete the writing. Sometimes writing fulfills the mission of expressing ideas, disgust, and fear. Once they are written, they are already out of our thinking, therefore they fulfilled their mission, freeing us from thoughts and emotions that weigh too much at that time. Then it’s lawful to tap the delete button and everything’s fine.
    I deleted a three-year blog of writing when the time came that I had no more good things to write because life brought me only harmful situations. The bad weather passed and then I started putting my fingers back on the keyboard. Writing and reading are therapeutic, they have a healing effect. The delete button is also healthy at times.


  2. This is your last warning before I start recruiting fellow writers for a full intervention: Please Stop Deleting Things You Write. Tough Love. It hurts to read this. Everything has value. Even crap is better than nothing. Don’t you dare say, β€œCathartic.” Kindly cease from tormenting yourself. And, get off the chocolates. Happy Easter, too. πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ£

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      1. Still … save, save, save … I know there’s gems hidden in there … massage it into something greater, positive. Let the world in on your secrets. Anger is only bad when it turns to hate, otherwise it’s just an easy and available conduit to being pissed off at ourselves. Ugly? I take back what I said about chocolates. Maybe it’ll help. 😊

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