Poll – should we get a puppy

Please vote on my poll. (Open this post in your browser as it appears the poll does not show in the WordPress Reader.)

Thank you for your comments so far! 😊

37 thoughts on “Poll – should we get a puppy

  1. Honestly, I’d never do it again… we got pup at seven weeks old, and it’s worse than having a newborn child.. no sleep, no space, constant cleaning up of bodily fluids, nothing is sacred… and I do mean NOTHING.! Not even your hair… The big guy thought it would be cute… and loves having a friend greet him so enthusiastically… despite the biting. Everything stinks of dog, and everything is covered in hair, slobber and pee… never again. Next time I’m getting a cat… 😉 😀

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  2. Further to my ‘other’ comment…a dog will live for at least a decade and beagles eat anything and chew anything. I have owned 3 dogs in my life and each one lived for a minimum of 13 years. My current dog is 13. I will not be getting another dog in the foreseeable future – however, I am in full cat mode and the moment there is a cat vacancy in my house, I am rescuing my dream ‘all black’ kitten from a shelter! (Explanation: We have 2-cat maximum laws).

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  3. This is a conversation that we keep on having (not necessarily a puppy, but certainly a dog). The question that we keep on coming back to, is who is going to take it for walks.

    I can see that I would end up with all dog-walking responsibilities which — once the lockdown is over — would be a struggle in the mornings.

    The current state of things is that if one of the boys is both able and willing to take a dog out every morning before school, then we will get one. It hasn’t happened yet.

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  4. No. The reason being, if you have to ask, you are not sure you want one. They are a lot of fun, they love you like crazy, they are a lot of work, and a long commitment.

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  5. Claudette, I know you walk dogs for a living, but have you had a dog before? If so how did it go? It might be a nice distraction for everyone, esp your kids, but then again it might just be more work? PS. Was there something I was supposed to click on to vote, or was that a rhetorical question? It’s late and I’m dense tonight.

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    1. There is a poll but it doesn’t show up in reader, you see it if you open the blog in your browser.

      Yes we had a dog for 10 years. He died when my second child was a toddler. And we’ve also dog sat puppies… 🙂

      And it’s the family, specifically my partner, who has decided this is a good idea. He roped the girl in… 😉

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  6. If you are even remotely considering this idea I think that means you’ve gone over the edge and we may never get you back. Now is not the time for a puppy. No. No. No.

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      1. We just had a fight because on Friday nights we’ve been doing take out, and my daughter got mad because I didn’t want the place they decided on and I told them to order without me, that I’m fine with something in the house….

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