Supply run adventure

Yesterday reminded me mildly of what a standard, routine day used to be like.

I was busy. All day long.

Reason being, I went on a supply run.

Supply run fashion statement.

Now, before you start jumping all over me about the way I’m dressed to protect against corona, I was actually dressed this way to protect against the elements. 🙄

Because. When I left around 10 am the wind coming off Lake Ontario was rather chilly.

Spring in Toronto 🇨🇦 consists of all four seasons, often present inside one day. 😯

When I arrived at the little village-like cluster of stores up by my daughter’s school, I was already overheating. The hoodies came off my head.

That’s because the further away from the lake you are, the quicker the temperatures climb. Ask someone who lives north of the city, far away from any body of water, in a cemented suburbia, how warm it gets there in the summer while I, near my lake, stay relatively cool during the July and August heat waves.

Anyway. Where was I…

Oh yes, supply run aka shopping. My gloves stayed on for the duration of my adventure because…corona. Ugh.

The stores I wanted to visit, two mom-and-pop shops and a very small but efficiently run Shoppers Drug Mart, were literally just down the road from my daughter’s elementary school.

I needed produce, mostly, plus a few more items I was getting low on.

I didn’t wear a mask. A lot of people did, though, and not just store staff…

I wore my gloves and refrained from touching my face.

They tell us now that this virus can live on the outside of a human host for 4 days, and can take 2 weeks to inoculate. I have no interest in introducing this invisible killer into my going-on-3-weeks long quarantined family. Or is it going on 4? I don’t know. Whatever. We’re staying home and obeying all the protocols.

But, as I witnessed, not everyone is observing, and following, protocols which have now become law.

Certainly not the old man licking his fingers while selecting his scratch and win lottery tickets from the tray… OMG.

I had seen him before, this man. He must live in the nearby municipal-run senior residence. He seemed completely oblivious to all the strange happenings around him, including the cashier who was wearing a surgical mask.

Incidentally, the cashier (owner’s son) did not have the plexiglass shield protecting him from germy customers like in the other two stores…nor was he wearing gloves, either. I was perplexed…how dirty is the register? Especially since he was still accepting cash from the old folk who didn’t seem to have debit cards…

It bothered me, watching this unfold from my physically distanced spot. Not only because he endangered himself, but because he will inevitably spread the germs to vulnerable people in the residence. People who may be mobility challenged, already sick, very old, or immune compromised…

It begs the question: does he understand what is happening? Or does he simply not care? I suspect the latter…I mean, the store clerk wore a surgical mask. As did some people walking around the store, and out on the sidewalk…There are bike cops patrolling the area to keep the playgrounds free from congregations, posters and signs everywhere, businesses shut down…

He can’t be that ignorant (can he?), unless he’s in denial…(still? After a month of this?)

Does he have a right to be this defiant, while living in a community desperately trying to get past this mess so we can return to work and school?

Spare me the ‘it’s a free country’ speech.

Can we, can anyone really, ignore a global pandemic while living in a community which, for the most part, is doing their part to reduce the inevitable disastrous outcomes facing the health care systems, and their workers?

Too bad I didn’t have a hockey stick to poke him with. Or an antiseptic wipe to toss at him. Nor did the counter feature a bottle of hand sanitizer although the did have some on a shelf for sale…

I won’t be shopping at that store again. It wasn’t clean like the other stores were, nor well stocked either. I just thought I’d give them a chance at keeping in business…how hard is it to post a sign and provide a bottle of sanitizer for inept customers? And direct them to follow protocol?

Maybe wipe down some of the counters?

And what about the old man? Clearly he can read, he’s buying scratch and win game-type lottery tickets…I watched him reach for his wallet and take out bills, which he then tried to separate by, get this, licking his fingers again


For the rest of the day I thought about this old man, and others like him while cleaning and washing produce, wiping down packages, storing the food away from pesky teenagers and prepping a bunch of meals.

In between doing that, I spent much of my time running between the front and back yard to soak up the lovely sunshine.

My spring halo aka hair band I stole from the girl child to hide my incoming grey roots. 😲

I took this selfie from the front porch which was partially shady, and sheltered from the cold breeze. Note, no hoodie required. 🙂

The children had taken over my sunny spot in the back playing some invented game with complicated rules involving the fence, a ball, two frisbees and the visiting cat from down the street. I could hear the escalation in their bickering so I made my escape to the front yard.

Don’t be fooled by my smile. The old man really had me all discombobulated for the rest of the day.

25 thoughts on “Supply run adventure

  1. I won’t be the defense attorney for the old man who wets his own fingers. I’m just saying that when we get to old age our thinking structure becomes rigid and does not accept changes in immediate habits. Maybe the man always did it that way. Although today the risks are increasing for him.

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    1. It’s possible he wasn’t aware. Or it was just habit. But for a month they’ve been talking, shoeing, explaining to especially the seniors how serious this virus is. It threw me for a loop when he did it twice.

      I hope he doesn’t spread it to someone more vulnerable.

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  2. Gloves can be replaced by thorough and frequent handwashing, and maybe there weren’t any more gloves? Trying to hope for an innocent explanation… I wore gloves when I was still working, still washing them between customers so as to not spread germs too far, but it was difficult during busy times.

    As for the licking… I blew up at someone for doing that the other week. I told him it was unhygienic at the best of times, and downright criminally stupid during these times. I had a second argument with him later, trying to explain carriers. Some people just can’t or won’t understand things the rest of us find simple.

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    1. I wear winter gloves. Gardening gloves will do too. The clerk should protect skin contact while working because even the best intentioned of us will invariably touch the face. Even if it’s just to adjust the mask.



      1. If we touch our face while out and about, it doesn’t matter if we’re wearing gloves or not. Unless hands are washed immediately before and after touching, the gloves have no effect on the transfer of germs and contaminants – it just transfers to and from the gloves instead of skin. A useful tip for not touching your face (at least when you’re standing around with empty hands) is to hold your hands together in a specific and nonstandard way – this is what I do at work when there’s a lot of standing and waiting. If I had to adjust my glasses, I’d use my upper arm instead. It’s an adjustment period for us all, but the more we practice, the better we’ll all get.

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  3. Here we go … So, I half lost my shit on an imbecile of a coworker yesterday during a Zoom online meeting. She’d broken company protocol – and the law – in breaching social-distancing protocol the previous day. And, then today, I lost the other half of my shit and went back at it with her when she announced she’ll repeat said offence next week. I’ll never understand stupidity, and neither will I tolerate it when lives are in jeopardy. If this virus has given anything of clarity to the world, it’s we certainly know the good folks from the shitbags. I always thought it was obvious. Parenting really isn’t that hard, folks.

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    1. I’m sorry. Some people really are beyond stupidity.

      LA mentioned somewhere that someone in her building called the cops because of some stupidity like this too…

      If that what it takes they may need to build prisons next to field hospitals…

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      1. This person is a direct report to me. On my sales team. I’ve promised a separation letter to accompany a 6 foot kick in the ass on her exit. Absolutely defiant the little darling. 37 years is 30 years too long to be ignorant, selfish and stupid.

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  4. I feel frozen just looking at you dressed that way. The weather was in the mid 80’s together. Husband planted and I held on answering the phone and computer questions from the kids but could do in the front yard with the garden which was nice. And no one flying by walking with halters on, no swimsuits was wearing face masks except one lady from the assisted living facility. It was a perfect day weatherwise.

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      1. Right! Speaking of, you know how I’ve written about the older women living in my building with dementia? Apparently she breathed in someone’s face yesterday and said I hope you get it….obviously, authorities have been called…

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