The Monkey Bread saga – part 1

“Let’s make Monkey Bread,” she said.

“I wanna bake,” she said.

First time she begged to bake was earlier this week. But, by then it was already late afternoon. I said no as I didn’t want an enormous extra pile of dirty dishes to deal with while also cooking dinner.

I did however agree that we should bake later this week, in the morning, and had her research for an appropriate recipe that didn’t use 16 cups of flour and an dozen eggs what with this being the apocalypse and all.

Besides, yeast (an ingredient in Monkey Bread) is running low too I heard, which is why the internet is freaking out about sourdough starters.

Anyway, I still have yeast. Back in the good old days (about a month ago 😐), I used to inform the internet about my pizza making activities right here on this blog. Kids playing organized sports 4, 5 times a week apparently have a birth-given right to pizza. Since I cringe at the frozen stuff (most of the time) I made my own pizza dough, doubled it, and had two servings to see me through the busiest days.

Now that’s all gone to hell in a hand-basket. No sports, no after-school snacks, no planning ahead.

Instead, we spend oodles of time scrolling screens staying indoors.

All. The. Time.

As I’m sure you’re aware, yeast (and flour) are highly valued commodities these days, and since I still have both ingredients (and had them before coronavirus) in my pantry, we are baking.

Well, I am baking. I started a loaf of bread. The girl child noticed and came over with her Monkey Bread recipe.

I did my thing at the giant kitchen island, and she did hers beside me. I guided her and listened to her chatter and kept an eye on the clock to also feed the men lunch. (One was teaching to his college students downstairs, and one was shooting pucks on the driveway.)

At one point, I turned to deal with the pot of soup on the stove. When I turned back around, I saw this.

Do you see a child busily baking?

Me either. 😢

I spared you the rest of the mess which is much worse than those pictures. You’re welcome. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, my tween seems to have disappeared leaving me with a giant mess and a Monkey Bread dough rising in a bowl. I wonder where she took off to…

To be continued…

26 thoughts on “The Monkey Bread saga – part 1

  1. Now that kind of research or monitoring of research is fun as you get to eat the rewards. The online instructors: we bake, eat, nibble and wait for our students to answer the assignments or reach out. Hmmm….not the kind of monitoring that is fun.

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