A little incoherence, and a short update

This morning, I slept till 8 am.

Actually I woke several times since about 3 am. I had all sorts of jumbled thoughts about wicked, strange dreams I longed to get back to so I just rolled over and stayed in bed until 8. Sort of fell asleep again into a semi-dozed state.

Only reason I’m up is because I had to pee and craved coffee. πŸ˜›β˜•

I never do this. I’m not a sleeper-in person. But then, I did imbibe a little last night… πŸ‘€

After dinner, I topped my wine glass and escaped into the bedroom while the kids cleaned the kitchen. I set it down on my bedside table and promptly knocked it over when I reached for my book.

So naturally, I posted all over social media to whine about my plight. (Get it, whine? πŸ˜‚)

Because, what else is there to do now?

Anyway, my library book is now soaked with red wine, as are my favorite, warm, fuzzy slippers, which blows. So I cleaned everything up, and then…

I poured a snifter of brandy. 😊

Because, what else is there to do now? 😐


Here’s a short update on what’s next on our lock-down non-schedule:

1. School may resume via an online capacity for the younger kid on April 6. I assume same will occur for the high school kid as their schools belong to the same board, but I haven’t heard anything from his school yet. So,Β  I’m not going to push structure on them anymore.

2. Having said that, both kids browsed google classroom and signed up with Khan Academy now, so there is a shimmer of hope that boredom will send them there to practice a little math, or some other subjects, maybe.

3. The girl child took an interest in code.org and I’m perfectly fine with her learning coding. πŸ˜ƒ

4. She also researched recipes for Monkey Bread and sent me three recipes that are simple and not ingredient heavy (what with the apocalypse and food shortages hoarding and all that) so we are planning a bit of baking today.

5. I got two different types of yeast-making jars sitting on my counter. We’ll see if it works. I’ve made sourdough starter many moons before, this is more of a “show the kids” exercise.

6. We are also learning about dog breeds. There is a show she streams called Too Cute which follows a set of three breeds per episode (there’s a cat one too). You see the bitch with her newborn litter and follow along the puppies’ adventures from squeaky, helpless, blind and deaf creatures to bouncy balls of energy until they’re adopted. The narrator, Henry Strozier, is a wonderful wordsmith and finds interesting descriptions of all the mischief to keep us entertained. Yesterday was Basset Hounds, my favorite breed. (I’ve never owned a Basset Hound…)

A note about my previous post about my challenges with teens and homeschooling (Β Who’s monitoring screen-time now? ). It remains up, I didn’t delete it. Several of you have not only reached out via the blog, but also privately.

I πŸ’— you.

Thank you.

There are many thoughts swirling around in my head which I will expand on another time, but two remain front and center (as quite a few of you pointed out to help me navigate my kids):

  • school and structure isn’t (that/really) important (thank you Jinjer), and
  • give them something to be in control of (say, the snacks) 😬

For the record, I think the second point, made by Deb and confirmed by many others, is spot on and thank you so much for pointing me in that direction. There is a plan in the works in my muddy grey matter… πŸ™ƒ

Thank you for keeping me grounded. And by grounded I mean a different kind of grounded from the corona lock-down grounded. πŸ˜‚ 😭

19 thoughts on “A little incoherence, and a short update

  1. Great post. Articles that have meaningful and insightful comments are more enjoyable, at least to me. It’s interesting to read what other people thought and how it relates to them or their clients, as their perspective could possibly help you in the future. Keep it up!

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  2. I had a rum and coke after being on a phone line for 4 hours resetting, taking questions, finding the answers to questions I learn as I go with the charter school, my other part time gig. Getting on the conference line is like being on a comedy show of errors as we pick up new lines. 4 hours daily with muzak in between from the line until school may resume, not sure, in May. I will need my rum and coke.

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  3. Please tell me Monkey Bread has bananas in it…

    (Actually, I’m pretty sure it does not. I’ve had it before and don’t remember any in there.)

    Dreams you want to crawl back into sure as hell beat the ones you want to escape from.

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