Beckoning sunshine during lock-down

*Not everyone has a garden, and this post is not meant to make you feel bad if you don’t. If you still can, go outside and walk around a little, especially if you’re in the northern Hemisphere and have been waiting a long time for spring to arrive. Please obey the physical and social distancing rules and be safe.Β 

For the most part, we were doing fine with this endless staying home and indoors.

Until last night.

It got loud interesting.

Sorry not sorry.

To keep this brief, the gist of what I yelled complained about can be summed up like so:

This is not a vacation!

Next, I outlined expectations (again) and left it at that.

Either it’ll work, or not. I can’t and won’t micromanage those two (one in particular). My partner’s got his hands full trying to get this online classroom stuff to work and therefore has his mind on other things. It is what it is. They know what I said, what I expect, and they will either do it, or not.


I type this from my comfy spot on the sofa this morning. My tray containing my coffee is next to me. I’m covered by a soft blanket. Pillows support my achy back, and it’s blissfully silent.

Why achy, do you ask?

Because…gardening. 🌞

The sun came out but instead of causing confusion with its deceiving warmth, which is prevalent during winter in Canada, the sun decided to shine some actual warmth on us yesterday. I ditched the winter coat and went outside for most of the afternoon wearing a Blue Jays hoodie which, after ten minutes of raking, also got ditched. πŸ™‚

The girl child stole my sunglasses but I didn’t mind…this time. πŸ˜‰

We (my girl and I) went digging in the neighbour’s yard. They abandoned their house 8 months ago and returned to China to find their 24yo son a wife. 😳

They asked us to mow the lawn last summer and left some cash to cover for that activity. This job was assigned to the teenager and he managed that for the most part independently.

But the gorgeous flower garden the previous owner had built before the new Chinese neighbours moved in two years ago was completely neglected and left to overrun.

This is not the time to go to garden centers, unfortunately.

So we figured, if we rescue some of the buried and excessively multiplied flowers from next door, chances are slim I’ll get thrown into jail. πŸ™‚

Replanting spring flowers into deep holes in our front garden by the birch tree. Neighbour’s neglected garden behind the child.

My guess is the house will be rendered unlivable when/if they return. They had shown us a large black mold spot in the corner of their basement, where the water leaked in. Black mold is dangerous and can make you sick. Repairs will probably be too costly. My guess is, they won’t bother. They’ll probably sell to a developer who will build some McMansion or something.


So. That’s why I’m digging up spring flowers and transplanting them.

And that’s why I’m achy. 😎

Consider it my modified boot camp activity.

And my girl? She found a comfy spot to read her book. I suspected all along she was really an ape. πŸ˜ƒ

37 thoughts on “Beckoning sunshine during lock-down

  1. I like the idea of a garden. I have a yard full of dirt because we can’t afford 1/4 acre of grass in the CA drought area we live in. Too much water. But I have a beautiful geranium garden out front. I will dig out some of those and replant those in the back!

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      1. Mine was planted about 8 years ago and is still not very big, but I don’t fertilizer it much. It was very expensive too – $80 for each twig X 3 from the nursery – birch trees are usually hard to grow and prone to disease.

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      2. My mom grew them in dirt from outside and gave them away for free. They’re all growing like mad.

        This is in Ontario fertile soil, where birch trees seem to be happy. We do get disease too but mine seems to manage to weather it.

        Where are you geographically? Climate and soil type may impact certain tree types differently.

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      3. Southwest Ont. We have horrible clay soil here….the nursery that I bought it from doesn’t even sell them anymore as they said they were too hard to grow here.

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  2. Not the time to plant a garden. Yesterday, I bought some beautiful plants on my last day home from work before we go virtual. I was exhausted and everyone was scurrying like the roads contained the disease but I rounded the roundabout with my computer in the car and the flowers in the back and will keep watering until the dry spell goes away.

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  3. Claudette ‘The sun came out but instead of causing confusion with its deceiving warmth…….’ is a lovely way of describing those spring days where the sun’s bright shining but air temperatures @#Β£%&$* freezing!!! A family gardening project seems a great idea because we’re in this for the long hall and I won’t be stretched out nude on my sun lounger for some time yet!

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  4. My wife at times tries her green thumb on a balcony garden on our second floor apartment. At most she grows herbs, flowers would give me headaches..the bummer is that we don’t get a whole lot of sunlight. Really enjoyed reading this post πŸ™‚

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  5. We need to start weeding the vegetable patch soon — this weekend, I hope. And we need to fix the lawnmower.

    Garden centres are all closed here, so well done for locating a supply πŸ˜‰

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