Taking the next step (or the first one)

A wonderful thing happened last night.

I was sitting on my bed, scrolling through some of my email messages, when one popped up just past 8 pm. I had just finished cleaning the kitchen after the kids cleaned the kitchen 😢 which is why I retreated to my place of solitude.

The email that popped up was from my boot-camp lady. πŸ˜ƒ

Tanya must have had ESP or something that some of us are turning into lazy butts. Like my jump rope comment implied in yesterday’s post…

Let’s back track a moment.

Tanya is a neighbourhood mom and certified fitness instructor. She rented the gym in the basement of the local Anglican church, and advertised that she is offering all-female boot-camp sessions 3x per week.

As many of you know, I went every Wednesday morning. I paid for ten sessions and this week, on Wednesday, would have been the first day of my next ten sessions.

I had the money set aside and everything.

Of course, boot-camp is closed now. 😞

And I’m not skipping rope, or doing much of anything. Not even walking, either.

Which is where her email came in.

This is part of what she said:

If you would like to borrow gear during the pandemic let me know. I am more than happy to lend it out. I am not charging money to borrow the gear!

Now, it just so happens we have some exercise equipment here. My partner suffers from lower back issues and does regular(ish) physio-led training to keep his back from locking up.

We have an exercise ball, a big one the kids used to bounce around on when they were small. Various weights and rubber/elastic bands. Yellow bars. Ropes for skipping. Mats…

We don’t have much floor space in this house which is why we don’t have a designated exercise area, but with the weather hopefully improving in the coming weeks, this won’t matter much.

But how nice of Tanya to offer lending out some of her gear! Obviously there would be disinfecting protocols in place, and distanced drop-off procedures.

It’s nice though, right?

Additionally, she is offering personal training sessions via skype or something, if a demonstration is required. She is suggesting a small fee for that, which is understandable. Her business was deemed non-essential so naturally she had to close down.

Anyway, all this exercise talk got me thinking. Perhaps today is as good a day as any to get started on a modified, at-home exercise routine.

How are you managing? I realize not everyone has space or a yard, and in some cases lock-down/shelter-in-place measures are more stringent than mine are currently. Maybe you’re doing sit-ups, or planks instead. Wall-sits. (lol)

Or, maybe, sitting on the couch with your cat/dog/guinea pig/child is enough, for now. I certainly understand that, as well.

So, we’ll keep it together, somehow. I’m hoping we can flatten the curve enough to maintain our current Stay-Home-Campaign and not get forced into our homes indefinitely like some counties with huge death tolls are doing, so that we can take our bikes out soon and go for rides. The more people who adhere to this, the shorter the lock-down will be. That’s what I think and that’s what I hope.

Time will tell. Stay safe and sane.



26 thoughts on “Taking the next step (or the first one)

  1. Very nice of her. I’ve seen a few instructors offering online classes – some just asking for donation/pay what you can. My main exercise comes from walking from my house to the train station every day for my commute so that is out now but I have always loved yoga – used to do it regularly. But I am terrible about going out in the evenings once I am home from work. Now, working from home is giving me a bit of extra time so I’ve done some youtube yoga classes which are great. I don’t have a lot of space either but just lay down a blanket (my yoga mat has disappeared – need a new one) and do it practically in the hallway.
    Trying to get some outside walks in, too. Lots of garbage around. 😦

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  2. That is wonderful that your trainer is offering this to her clients. I never have time to work out, but working from home is giving me the chance. I starting using my (already paid for but not really used) online/on demand (insert big brand name) workouts. My hubby is glad to see more than the my bank account is getting a work out. Starting small with yoga, my plan is to move to more rigorous workouts as time goes on. Good luck and stay healthy!

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  3. I’m actually quite lucky. I have a home gym set up in my garage, an exercise bike and a punch bag – which is coming in very useful to take out all built up frustration! Plus, we’re still taking the dog for a walk every evening… So far, so good. πŸ‘

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  4. That’s so lovely! My fitness instructor did the same thing. So sweet! She’s keeping tabs on us all though. We have classes still going on on Zoom and I’m doing my best. It’s tough getting the motivation to exercise at home right now so I’m grateful that’s still happening. We’re currently allowed to go out for a walk once a day as long as we apply social distancing rules. That’s a lifesaver for me. All the best with your exercise. Stay safe. πŸ™‚

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  5. I’m walking every day, even the cold ones, and enjoying it plus sleeping better and feeling more energetic. Love this statement – “The more people who adhere to this, the shorter the lock-down will be. That’s what I think and that’s what I hope.” I wish more people could see that the truth in that.

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  6. That was really good of her.

    We are still allowed out, as long as we observe the social distancing rules, so I have been going for a walk three times a day: Immediately before I start working, immediately after I finish working and a final one after the kids have gone to bed.

    As well as being a bit of exercise, doing this also helps me step fully away from work when I shut down my laptop.

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    1. Yeah…my partner likes the morning walks before he teaches in his basement office. He goes on his own. Says it’s quiet out, just a few dispersed dog walkers.

      I like later, afternoon times. Mornings are for coffees and require zero social distance protocols to the bathroom. πŸ˜›

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