Irritating hazards

Disclaimer: expletives ahead

I stopped going for walks.

It’s like with facebook – I have to remove myself from all irritations for my own sanity preservation.

Like the discarded surgical gloves and masks all over parks, paths, sidewalks and parking lots.

Who does that? Are you an idiot? An inconsiderate, demented, self-absorbed fucking asshole? Do you realize that IF the gloves are carrying the coronavirus you have now allowed it to spread by littering, which, incidentally, was not encouraged pre-pandemic times either (even though people still did it then, too)?

That’s why I stopped walking.

Also….GIVE THE MASKS TO THE HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS, instead of wearing them yourself as you line up to support your Doritos habit YOU IDIOTIC, UNINFORMED ASSHAT.

That’s also why. (Sorry not sorry)

Moving along. To the people who are [still] having fertile sex while in lock-down: you are strongly encouraged to avoid the current list of emerging baby names. Please, please, for the love of all things still sane and healthy, do not name your spawn Coronella, Covidia, Covilla, Covy or Coronos in nine months.


Side note: I think condoms are still in stock. I haven’t been to a store in 12 days so don’t quote me on that but someone tweeted something about deodorants being out of stock which was next to the condom shelf and I thought I saw some packages there in that picture… NOW might be a good idea to buy some (not hoard some. Just get a pack, not 16.) 😡

Rationing that, too. πŸ˜‚


I have one sprout of a seed I planted in an egg carton. I think it’s a chicory. Want to see?


Sorry, no picture. It’s a weed. 😐

That’s ok. Guinea pigs like weeds.


12 thoughts on “Irritating hazards

  1. The amount of littering in general (not just gloves and masks, but those things too) is disgusting. And to make matters worse, it looks worst by businesses that are closed, as if humans are taking advantage of the closed businesses to dump their garbage there. It’s awful.

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  2. I’m saying nothing about condoms because I’m going to be celibate for the for seeable.

    People leaving gloves and masks to litter the streets and parks, alas little surprises me about human beings disgusting behaviour, discarded gloves can both spread disease and potentially kill someone, so sad hearing stories like that it just wants to make me give up.

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