Superfluous choices

First thing I did when this sequestered lock-down started was ditch the bra. I mean, who cares if I wear one or not?

Up until just a couple of days ago it was still cold here in Toronto so I wore layers anyway. Winter coat if I was going outside. Hoodies while staying in.

I have been out for a walk three times in 13 days. Once, right at the beginning, to run an errand with my son and to go to the bank, and twice for a solo-get-away-from-family walk around the ‘hood.

There’s no need to *push up* or *contain* pretty much anything right now. Am I right, ladies? πŸ˜ƒ

Anyway, I don’t care.

But I do care about something else. I feel weird, odd, about my hair.

My roots are showing. About a centimeter already, which is a lot in two weeks. (Does my hair grow that fast? Ugh.)

I am vain. Not that much, but I like my hair in its original colour; deep dark, rich, chocolate brown with auburn-ish highlights.

I have natural highlights. Actually, that’s a lie; I had natural high lights. My current highlights are a result of boxed Nice N’ Easy.

I can’t afford salon hair. I only go there to get my hair trimmed maybe twice a year or so. Rarely do I treat myself to a salon experience… 😞

Look. The grey sucks. It looks ugly (to me). And what’s more, it’s mostly, only, on my left side of my head.

Which is weird. But not really. I was paralyzed as a child during an illness, but only my left side was affected. Maybe that’s why.


So, last time I was in a drugstore, you know when life was normal back in the good old days two weeks ago, there just happened to be a sale on hair colour products.

I picked up two boxes.

Call me a hoarder if you want. This is my standard practice, not my pandemic practice, to load up on a few things when they’re on sale. I do the same with toothbrushes, deodorant, tampons and other essentials. I buy two instead of one.

So sue me. 😐

But back to my hair colour boxes.

For reference: a box of Nice N’ Easy not on sale will retail at about $9.99. Sometimes higher. (Other brands are similar…)

The most I’ve seen it reduced, either marked down at my local drug store, or at some big box store that has deeper discounts, is to $6.99. When I see the lower price in my weekly shopping, I usually pick up two boxes.

Which is why I have, as a currently bra-less, constant yoga-pants wearing pandemic survivor, the opportunity to colour my hair right here at home. 😊

But I haven’t done it. 😢

It’s not like anyone sees me now. It’s not like anyone who lives here cares right now.

It’s not like I’m taking selfies… πŸ˜‚


Anyway. One day in the not too distant future, when I feel like doing something that doesn’t require tending to others, I may lock myself into the bathroom and colour my hair.

Yes, dear friends, this is a selfie-alert. I may even do before and after shots. πŸ˜‰


So: It’s a date! Something to look forward to.

Stay well. Stay home. Stay sane. And be nice to each other. I’ll do the same.

Prologue: This post was inspired by a stupid tweet made by Adrienne Clarkson, former Governor General of Canada and living off our tax dollar indefinitely, who wants people to “wear pants, wash their hair, and shave” while in lock-down. Never mind that some of us are unemployed, lost their life savings, are struggling to keep their kids occupied, separated from their parents or have loved ones sick and in hospital. I may or may not have made a sarcastic remark on twitter (sorry not sorry).

22 thoughts on “Superfluous choices

  1. My advice would be to keep the two boxes until there’s more growth showing……if this continues the last place I would want to go is to the drugstore to pick up another box….or alternatively you might be able to sell them on the black market! I don’t have any gray roots showing yet, as my apptment was just before the lockdown, and I usually go every 7 weeks which I can stretch if no one sees me…..and there’s always a gardening hat!

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  2. Go for it. The hair colour and the selfies. We’re all looking forward to the before *and* after.

    Or you could leave it and go full Morticia Addams πŸ˜‰

    I hear you with the stocking up on things on sale. This is why we have 36 rolls of toilet paper in the house. Nothing to do with the lockdown — there just happened to be a two for one offer last month.

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  3. I haven’t changed anything about my clothesβ€”being retired is good. But, my hair was due to be cut and colored this coming Monday, and it’s beginning to look kind of funkyβ€”lots of gray. Oh well.

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  4. I called round my mother’s this afternoon, took her fresh pears, sat in the garden 3m apart and chatted about life family and things, point being she couldn’t remember ever seeing myself unshaved, 3 days growth and I thought to myself ‘Andrew mustn’t let yourself go!’ lockdown or not. Claudette pamper yourself, bottle auburn or not, dye your hair because it’ll cheer you up, lift your spirits and make you feel ‘girly girl’ again……. phew wow omg as to not wearing a bra πŸ˜› great that’s fabulous only wish I was………. lol you’d ban me if I you’d seen what I was about to write!!! Anyways loved this evenings posting. x

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