Clandestine chocolate stash

I had to hide the stash of mini chocolate bars.

Backstory: I started buying those little Halloween candies a few months ago to give the kids in their lunch bags. Nut free ones like KitKat, Mars and Aero. I added some others with nuts for treats at home, like Snickers, Oh Henry and Reese cups.

I stored them in these giant plastic mixed-nuts containers from Costco and kept them on the counter next to the toaster.

Well that didn’t work for long because, teenagers. 😳

So, I took the containers and found a hiding spot for them in the bedroom. I tried several locations: closet, dresser, under bed, all the usual spots.

That didn’t work for long either because again, teenagers. 😬

The bedroom is relatively small so I had to come up with another option. Got me thinking: you know how kids don’t see things like laundry baskets placed strategically by the stairs to take downstairs? They just step over them?

I figured I could hide the candy in plain sight. So, I took them out of the bedroom and placed them in various locations around the house.

In plain sight worked for a while, longer than I anticipated. Until it didn’t.


Teenagers! 😡

Then, I finally found the perfect spot.

On my dresser I have a flat screen tv.

The tv is strategically placed at a slight angle leaving just enough space for the candy containers (or Costco sized chips bags) behind it.

It was the perfect, most enduring hiding spot.

I was proud of myself for outsmarting the 15yo kid. And his dad. πŸ™„


One day recently, I noticed some candy wrappers in the garbage. Since we’ve been locked in house arrest quarantine for 12 days already, and no one was going to school, I wondered where the wrappers came from.

I knew my teen was already stealing cookies from the apocalypse stash in the bedroom closet…so I asked him straight out.

Before he could answer, his younger sister piped in:

“He found them behind the tv!”

Argh. 😐

Teenagers in lock-down will be the end of me!

So now I had to find a new hiding spot.

Which is really really tricky in this cramped house full of the 4 of us constantly home together.

But I found a new spot a few days ago.

The absolutely perfect spot. So perfect that it is highly unlikely he will find them. πŸ˜ƒ

So now, every evening after dinner when they’re supposed to clean the kitchen, they dillydally and procrastinate by tearing my bedroom apart.

That teen boy is obsessed with finding the candy stash.

The sister supervises and cheers him on.

But he hasn’t found them yet. And the little spark plug sister is equally stumped. 😊

He knows they still exist because throughout the day I occasionally surprise him with one. I may walk by the play station where he’s rolling his eyes at me for daring to interrupt his socializing with his hockey buddies, and drop one in front of him.

Or I leave a couple on his computer/homework station near his dad’s home-office desk to find when/if school work will ever resume around here. (They’re working on moving content online).

But. He still hasn’t figured out where I hid them. πŸ˜„

“You KNOW I will find them,” he says to me with a twinkle in his eyes.

I really don’t think he will. πŸ˜„

Time will tell.

I do know one thing: if anyone can locate the stash, it’s my teenager. That kid is very clever.

But…so is his mom. The sooner he realizes this, and accepts this, the better. πŸ˜‰

45 thoughts on “Clandestine chocolate stash

  1. This is where you put them in a cabinet where the kids know the candy is there and put a giant lock on the sucker. Then you can use it as torture and blackmail material to get them to do the things you need them to do.

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  2. Love this post – made me laugh! I have hiding spots too and I will share my best one – in the potato and onion drawer. My teens never go there! Another good one is in the the plastic containers at the back of the bottom shelf (ie if bending down is involved, it’s too hard for them) πŸ™‚
    Keep us posted! (And write me an email already).

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    1. Omg the bending down thing is sooo true! (That’s the only hint I’ll put out there…πŸ˜‚)

      Sure. Will do. I may whine and complain but since it doesn’t appear you blocked me yet…lol.

      I’ll type today. ❀

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  3. Okay, I’m only going to tell you this on the down low, keep it between us, I hide everything in the tampon box in the cupboard over my toilet! No one has ever found my chocolate kiss stash. It’s foolproof. You’re welcome, C

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  4. I left a bag of chocolate in the University office I share with other adjuncts and a roll of paper towels and cleaning items. I actually want to recover most the chocolate treats for my students for me but they won’t let me back in. Hide it where there is a quarantine.

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    1. I tweeted this post as well so between the comments here and twitter I’m getting all sorts of interesting ideas. πŸ˜›

      Haven’t checked facebook yet. Maybe I’ll get MORE ideas from there… lol

      Best part? They’re international, the comments. I LOVE this. πŸ™‚

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