The day the ceiling tried to crush me

Disclaimer: This post deteriorates from anecdotal to ranty. Sorry not sorry.

When I was 18 my dentist said I needed to have my wisdom teeth pulled.

So I went and the orthodontist pulled them.

He sent me home with a script for codeine, and my mom tucked me into bed to sleep it off.

When I woke up, I felt a momentary flash of panic.

There was something wrong with my room. Specifically, with the ceiling.

It appeared that somehow the ceiling had closed in on me. It was literally inches from my face.

I remember reaching above my head to try and push the ceiling back up higher, where normal ceilings belong. This one was too close to my face, made me feel claustrophobic.

It wasn’t working. My hands were feeling around for it, but it wasn’t there. Even though I could see it with my eyes mere inches from my face.

The ceiling was air. Translucent and invisible. I couldn’t touch it.

But really, that’s not so unusual, is it. Most people go through life without giving ceilings a passing thought.

So there I was, lying on my bed, in pain and probably drooling, and my ceiling was threatening to crush me.

Obviously I was flying high on the meds… Codeine ended up not agreeing with me either. It ended up causing me a severe migraine shortly after I woke up to the ceiling trying to kill me. I remember even the sliver of light coming in between the blinds was causing me piercing pain in and around my eyes…

I reflect on that moment now when I think of how people find methods to cope with this pandemic.ย  We’re all affected and we all find our own unique ways of coping.

Those who deal with addictions will have a challenging time ahead of them, is my guess.

If you spend time on social media, like I do periodically, you will see many jokes about people reaching for certain substances that help them ‘cope’ by letting them ‘escape’. It’s not surprising; in fact it’s completely predictable.

Drugs will never go out of style. Recreational drugs were here before the pandemic. They’re not going anywhere.

I don’t know much about recreational drugs. Given my childhood illness (meningitis), and having spent much of that time on highly potent medicines, I never felt the need to learn how to ‘enjoy’ recreational drugs later, in adolescence or beyond.

At University, I was often passed a joint while we sat around a fire or in someone’s living room. No one batted an eye when I said no thanks.

I was never judged, or pushed, by those around me to try. No one made me feel inadequate for not giving it a go.

Consequently I didn’t feel like I’ve missed out on anything. I had no interest in reaching for any sort of drug. (Let’s leave the debate about alcohol, caffeine and sugar/chocolate for another day.)

This pandemic isn’t going to change that. I am not currently in a situation where I feel a desire for a psychedelic mental experience.

But hey, if you want to get stoned and stay that way for the next weeks months godknowshowlong, go ahead.

If you do, just promise me one thing.







Because I don’t need no stumbling idiot carrying a killer SARS* virus infecting my community, accidentally or out of sheer stupidity.

SARS = Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (related corona-virus)

Note: InFLUenza is a killer virus.

Most of us have had the flu at some point and survived. Many of us can, and will, survive Covid-19.

The point is, the flu has an incubation period of 4 days.

The current corona-virus has an incubation period of 14 days. This is a much longer period where it can be spread.

The hospitals don’t need more people coming in with respiratory illnesses.

Stay. Home. If. You. Have. The. Sniffles.


It’s really not rocket science.

End of rant and preaching.

Stay safe.

*Sorry (not sorry) about the shouty caps.


15 thoughts on “The day the ceiling tried to crush me

  1. I am certainly not against recreational drugs, whether to cope with the pandemic or everyday life…when enjoyed responsibly in the comfort of your own home, of course.

    I have a funny story about my ex-wife. She had her wisdom teeth extracted and then, for some reason, we decided it would be a good idea to stop by the grocery store. We’re checking out and she starts drooling/bleeding all over the store. The cashier freaked out and thought it was the ground beef we were buying. She’s calling for a “clean up on aisle whatever!” and I’m trying to tell her no, no…it’s just my wife. Bleeding from the mouth.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg. ๐Ÿ˜ถ I can picture the scene…

      That’s all I ask, for people under the influence if anything to stay home. In many parts of the world you’re already supposed to be staying at home…


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