More daily walk observations from Toronto

Disclaimer: swearing ahead. (#sorrynotsorry)

This is the continuation of my walk which I posted earlier.

I walked through the college campus which was deserted.

Normally, I walk my dogs (when my dog walking business was still happening) through there, as it flanks a park which leads down to Lake Ontario.

There is also a Catholic high school and Elementary school next to the college campus. And a Tim Horton’s coffee shop. Which was closed. (But usually open all week.)

It’s a pretty walk, and it has interesting architecture. You may have heard me mention this before: the college bought these buildings some time ago from whoever the owner was. Back in the day the buildings functioned as the Insane Asylum. They used to perform lobotomies in these building basements.

Anyway there’s a statue in front of one of the buildings. Nice to see he’s practicing social distancing. 😷

The parking lot at the back entrance was full. On the right (not pictured) is a leash-free dog park. I didn’t see it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were people and dogs in it. Plenty of dog walkers out and about.

During my walk I saw a lot of people too. Most were practicing social distancing. You could easily distinguish the families and the couples, but every once in a while I saw a group of what looked like young people. Could be from the residence of the college, not sure if that’s closed or not. Or just random people. Some of those did not seem to care about distance as much as the rest of the people did…it was clear in how they walked without rhyme or reason.

I mentioned in my earlier post that most people are anticipating how to navigate around someone as they seem them approach. These little groups of young people weren’t doing that. I could also smell marijuana and hash.

If you come across these people, just take an extra wide detour around them. That’s what I did. I would step off the path and take a picture of something capturing my interest to avoid them bumping into me. I wouldn’t want them to touch me…god knows where they’ve been, what their hygiene is and or whom they have been in contact with. Or if they’re in denial. (There are plenty who still are. Fine. Go ahead. I’m not one of them.)

If you think that’s a racist comment, especially coming from a Canadian, so be it. I’m simply observing what I saw, and how I reacted. You want to get stoned? Go ahead. But don’t put the rest of us in danger while you’re out there stumbling around like a fucking idiot. There are kids trying to burn off energy around you who do not have the maturity to comprehend the situation we’re in.

End of rant.

Anyway I continued down toward the park that also houses a marina. Typically the boats get crane lifted into the bay sometime in late April. I sat on a bench (while wearing gloves, and in my winter coat) not touching anything and let the water wash calm and serenity over me.

Stay safe. It’s dire out there. ❤

21 thoughts on “More daily walk observations from Toronto

  1. The uk were told yesterday that we can go on one walk a day. It’s a strange world at the moment. Thanks for sharing your walk, your description of the lake made me feel like I was actually there. It’s nice that you are getting out for a walk, keep it up whilst you can and take care 😊.

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    1. Oh sigh. Yes, they are allowing walks and outdoor fitness but to refrain from mingling.

      And then it snowed again. 😬

      Gardening season will help if/when it finally arrives.🌼🌻

      Take care and thank you for reading. 💕

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      1. Ignorance and hate is taught. Usually, at home, then reinforced and celebrated by like-minded trolls. “Hey, is it still okay to smack other people’s kids in public?” I didn’t actually say that. It’s a quote from one of my manuscripts about shitty parenting.


  2. I am on my way to the part time work site with the charter school. We were called in from 7-3 today. The students work online, so there should be some training and then I will be picking up a few groceries. No beaches here but I heard the beach goers in Florida, not all listened or took seriously the news to not be on the beaches.

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