Embracing (figuratively and virtually)

Some people are dropping off the social internet.

I get it. We’re all fatigued by the constant bombardment of ever-changing news.

Although I believe in staying informed, I do sometimes scroll mindlessly, which, given we are starting day 8 of quarantine here (for my family specifically – many of our friends just returned from spring break and are at the beginning of the staying home movement) is hardly surprising. We’re still adapting to social distancing and its emotional and mental effects.

It hasn’t been easy but for me, an introverted homebody to begin with, not that hard either. Having the family around constantly has been a learning curve but again, we’re managing. Mostly.

I do get sucked into twitter at times which is equally depressing and fun. Mostly it’s interspersed with politics and exasperation but also inspiration and downright funny stuff.

For instance, today I learned how bats pee. 😂

They hang upside down, minding their own business, and when they get the urge to pee they do this sit-up-like maneuver and, um, release. If they didn’t, they’d pee all over themselves…😳

Did you know bats pee this way? I didn’t. Lol. 😄

There are also many fun animal and pet clips coming through on twitter. Quite a few are showing clear exasperation in dog and cat faces that there is no longer any peace to be had, especially in households with children. 😄

This stuff makes me smile (a little).

I think to combat a downward spiral here, I’m going to tune in a couple of times a day to a few trusted sources and the rest of the time do things away from the news. I will still read, both on and offline, and write, and all the rest of it, but it’s been a week of almost no structure and this can’t go on.

The kids will most likely be given school work via online methods in the coming weeks, probably for the remainder of the school year. This is a little sombering – the tweens and teens are a social bunch and now? All that’s on hold. 😞 My son’s first year in high school is coming to a screeching halt. He was just getting settled…

My partner was sent an email by his employer yesterday that they are looking for volunteers to retire early. He teaches post-secondary courses in aviation (he’s a pilot with industry experience). When he told me, I thought here we go, layoffs are next. (He’s likely not the one they want to retire early, there are many who are much closer to retirement than he is.)


So I’m keenly aware that life as we knew it is changing. This isn’t a pause. It’s not a temporary disruption.

I choose to look at this as an opportunity to embrace a new, and better way to live life. To focus on less self-absorption and vanity. Less on fluff and useless excess. But more on innovation, practicality and nature.

Does it feel like nature is rebelling and taking back control?

It feels like this to me.

They reported the canals in Venice haven’t been this clear in recent memory. They can see fish! Air pollution in populated metropolitan cities have decreased dramatically. There are less cars on the road. Despite huge drops in the price of gas.

Nature is left alone more and is recuperating while the human population  practices social distancing.

Do this:

Open a window; in most of the world you will hear bird song.

So that’s where I’m at.

34 thoughts on “Embracing (figuratively and virtually)

  1. I get it! I fully understand the reason’s why people may choose to take a break from the internet, but hopefully the ‘circle’ I follow will keep writing if only because their blogs are always a good read 🙂

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  2. I’ve been diving deeply I to You Look Fab, a fashion site run by a professional stylist. There’s a wonderful discussion forum where everyone is genuinely supportive, and it’s been a bright spot as I deal with all the darkness and ugly in the rude people who are screaming at us because we keep running out of potatoes, chicken, eggs, ground beef, toilet paper….


  3. Maybe in the long run as dire as it sounds, it will help mend mother earth. Humans might be on lockdown but nature isn’t, ya know comforting it is to hear the song of birds and other critters. I think I would feel more hopeless if flowers stopped blooming, the grass remained yellow and large flocks of birds fell to their deaths. The virus is affecting us and nothing else. if we as humans are meant to revert to simpler times, i am all for it. if only this virus would choose the ignorant.

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  4. Still a little chilly out to open a window, but maybe Tuesday. And then it’s supposed to snow on Wednesday.

    Good for nature! It’s not really surprising. Kind of like how you see grass and weeds overtaking abandoned sidewalks and streets in some areas. Just goes to show that manmade doesn’t last forever.

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      1. Thanks. As an adjunct, I do get laid off but right now most of the schools I work with seem to like me…so we shall see. I always have a back up plan until I retire.


  5. After rats, bats are probably the biggest assholes of the animal kingdom. Snakes are third. Then spiders. I doubt bats make friends as easily as Alpacas do. Also, I’m not impressed by their acro-bat-ics. Though they do nosh on mosquitoes, so they’re okay in my books.

    Nature isn’t rebelling … it’s just God cancelling Humanity’s Lease on the Planet. It’s about time.

    Could’ve we fucked it up anymore?

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    1. Spiders eat mosquitos and unlike bats don’t transmit coronavirus. 😷 😄

      Agreed about us messing up. Majorly. But this is hardly news. We knew it was coming sooner or later…

      Ok Mr. Kuch. Let’s listen to some songbirds. 😘

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      1. Spiders eat one mosquito at a time. I live with one. His name is Carl V. He’s around here somewhere.

        We haven’t begun to pay for us Pimping Out The Planet …

        Songbirds? Like Anne Murray?

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  6. The bat video is superb. I’ve learned something today 😉

    Our kids have had a week off from school now, but with the lockdown looking like it’s going to continue until the end of the school year, we have also started thinking about school work for them as well. For the oldest, the school has sent him some stuff to do and the twins have an online application that allows them to work through various exercises. We now just need to figure out how best to structure their days.

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    1. Some parents have posted an open-ended schedule. A list. This works for older children.

      Every day they must:
      1. Do one creative thing each day
      2. Spend x amount of time outside each day
      3. Read x amount of time (not social media) each day
      4. Do your chores each day
      5. Do your school/homework each day

      It extends to eating too. You can snack if you had x and y first.

      Honestly a time table won’t work on my kids. But as of Monday this aimless sleeping till noon every day stops. A bit of structure is key here…

      Good luck. 🙂


      1. For the past week we’ve been letting them get up when they get up and play on tablets until lunchtime.

        We’ve been making them go outside for a few hours after lunch and then do some random amount of school-related stuff when they come back in.

        We’re intending to re-introduce the no tablets on schooldays rule from Monday and make them do schoolwork after breakfast.

        I don’t think a hard and fast schedule would work for us either. Some structure is important though and if (as we expect) school is going to be out until September, we don’t want them falling behind either.

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  7. Bat are cool!
    For my son and I think the longer term implications of this were hitting us yesterday. Delayed reaction. A few specific things happened yesterday to cause this (son getting messages from school about the specifics of doing classes online, going out to the grocery store and seeing the changes there, an all-department meeting for me which I think was meant to be a “Ra ra thanks for your hard work we will get through this” and devolved into “a lot of us will be out of a job soon” thing.) Sigh…and we are some of the luckier ones – many more are hurting much more.
    Anyway, I was doing my banking and realized one pro is I am saving about $200 a month not paying for son and I to use public transit. The environmental impact is a big bonus as well. Go nature!

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