Staying home? Beware of this…

Staying home? Beware of this:

Here’s a social distancing tip you may not have considered until you’ve spent at least 24 hours in lock-down in your own home.

Maintain a distance of 6 meters between you and:

  • The fridge
  • The kitchen cupboards
  • The pantry
  • The normal emergency food stash
  • The apocalypse emergency stash
  • The car emergency stash
  • The kids school lunch snack stash
  • The kids own secret candy stash
  • The birdseed/pet kibble/dog treats stash…


Anyway. Yesterday I went to the garage fridge to get a carton of milk he bought as backup last week. You know, when I had my meltdown about all this panic buying and hording…

Note: I usually keep certain food items in that fridge even during non-pandemic times so I don’t have to shop as often. But in my view he went a little overboard in the canned and frozen food department, which is why I’ve been avoiding going into the garage lest I get pelted by random towers of non-perishables. But I digress…


When I opened the backup fridge I found the most amazing surprise. This:

Here I thought we were out of chocolate!

Never mind that this is boozy chocolate. Society has broken down, there are no rules! I can eat booze chocolates any time I want! It’s not like I’m driving anywhere these days…


I think this is left over from Christmas… πŸ˜€

So that’s what’s happening in my little corner of Toronto during quarantine day 7. I’m not yet losing it, technically, although I find myself socially isolating from family members at regular intervals during the day… Some parts of the days are more trying than others.

We’re fine. I’m fine. We’re fine… 😷

Stay home. Wash your hands. This virus has the ability to stay alive on inanimate objects for a while…

Italy is in dire state. I have family there. Please stay home.

Stay healthy. Stay safe.

And stay away from the constant noshing!

29 thoughts on “Staying home? Beware of this…

  1. I have been noshing nonstop every chance I get. Because we have no time for real breaks at work. And we are burning through calories at an astronomical rate throwing 40-50 pound boxes of produce. I work again today, and I’m not looking forward to it

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  2. Oh I recognize that box as I bought the exact same one at Christmas with the intention of gifting it to a friend, but then I ate one or two myself every night and I don’t even drink! I finally threw the rest of the box away when there were only a few left. Best not to have that kind of temptation in the house.

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  3. I feel like a weirdo now (even though I was a weirdo before πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ) I actually am eating less with this whole self isolation going on. We have enough food…it’s just all sweet crap and I’m not really huge on sweets. Except those boozy chocolates you got there…I’d try those anyday.

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  4. We have a box of beer-filled chocolates in the house.

    The combination doesn’t appeal to me and my partner dislikes beer.

    It will be interesting to see who will be the first to get desperate enough to eat them.

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  5. I have a friend (who coincidentally also lives in Ontario) who has been starting happy hour at 4:30 every day now. She calls it “coping” and has pretty much said the same thing as you: there are no rules in these troubling times and nowhere to go, so why not.

    I plan on doing my own coping later this afternoon.

    Hell, since I’m home today, I could cope my way over to the liquor cabinet and make myself a Bloody Mary. Nobody would be the wiser.

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  6. my ice cream bday cake awaits to be eaten on april 7, 49 years of unhealthy eating habits (as opposed to just eating unhealthy) and 11 pounds lighter has honestly kept me in check. Did you actually eat animal treats ?

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