More creativity out of the pandemic kitchen

Please excuse the poor quality of the pictures. My phone obviously needs its eye cleaned…

I don’t have much fresh stuff in the house anymore (it’s been 7 days we’ve been staying home) and I feel too uninspired to venture out so I created a new salad with what I still have on hand.

Clearly, I’m not social distancing from my fridge as per my previous post… (ha).

Most people know what cabbage looks like, but what about radicchio? it also goes by the name chicory.

The red one is radicchio. It’s slightly bitter in taste and comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, so when I buy one it’s usually a larger variety to make it last longer.

This is the salad that happened out of my “eat what you hoard” kitchen today:

Radicchio and cabbage salad

In it is the last bell pepper I had (orange, as you can see) and some small sized cherry tomatoes cut in half. Mix with the chopped cabbage and raddichio and top with a salad dressing of your choice.

Mine was raspberry honey from a bottle bought at FarmBoy. The sweet dressing balanced out the bitterness of the red radicchio leaves. Delicious.

I also sprinkled some sunflower seeds (I always have seeds and nuts in the house) and shredded a bit of cheddar (just because) to hoost flavour.

As soon as my herb pots spring to life (another couple of months, I’m afraid) I’ll be snipping all kinds of additional green things into this type of salad: basil, parsley, chives…whatever is ready!

Next time you go shopping, grab some cabbages. Nappa, red, green, there’s an abundance of choice. They keep well, can be eaten raw (shredded), steamed and tossed with bacon, added to soup…and they provide vitamin C.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I better text the men folk who went to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. They had clear instructions not to return to the house without chocolate. 😛

They’re not wearing masks, but they are wearing gloves. I wonder what kind of social distancing is happening in our little neighbourhood of this big metropolitan city, affectionately called the #BigSmoke on occasion. I’m sure there will be a blog post to follow on that topic. (sorry-not-sorry).

You’re welcome. And please, if you can, stay home. ❤


24 thoughts on “More creativity out of the pandemic kitchen

  1. I like radicchio….my favorite streak restaurant puts it on their starter salad all the time…..thanks for the reminder, but today was my very last trip to the grocery store for the next few weeks. When I run out of lettuce that’s it. We don’t have any cases here yet but it’s coming.

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      1. I thought of that too… season is almost here, but how will we get seeds and seedlings if the garden centres don’t open by then. I’m thinking this will be the new norm for the next 8 weeks.

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      2. Look at Italy. It will be longer…in Toronto they’re preparing to finish the school year online. School ends at end of June…

        I have some seeds still, but a squirrel or mouse got in and ripped some packs. May have some spinach or lettuce left…

        Order seeds online?

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    1. Shopping for essentials is still allowed although online and delivery is encouraged. They will need to increase staff…

      They have yellow tape to indicate spacing between people on floors where line-ups occur. And plexiglass to protect cashiers.


      1. Mark…pay attention please. Your State should prepare to keep healthy. This virus has the ability to stay alive on inanimate objects.

        Sorry. You’ll be affected too in your state, initially peripherally…I wish you well. Health. And continued immunity.


  2. I wear gardening gloves outside the house, hair pulled off my face. It’s a look…I go to the market once a day…I need to walk a little, and get away from family

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  3. It’s amazing how creative we can be when we have to be.
    I just read an article about a young lass who just bought 10 packets of flour “ because everyone else was”. When friend suggested that she cook pikelets and pancakes her response was “but they come out of a plastic bottle, don’t they?”

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