Isn’t it ironic…

What day is it? What time?

Day whothehellknows of the lock-down. Boo.

Wasn’t it just a short fortnight ago (not that fortnite 😄) when we were trying to cope with the time-change?

What about all the weeks, months, years we complained to the teens to unplug already, to get out?


Welcome to the new normal.

6 thoughts on “Isn’t it ironic…

  1. Even though I’m working from home, I am keeping track of time. I power up my work laptop in the morning and shut it down again exactly eight hours later.

    Not having endless activities at the weekend to navigate feels weird, though.

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      1. I’m not sure whether I miss it or not.

        On one hand, not being constantly tied to the clock is quite relaxing.

        On the other hand I also often take advantage of knowing that all the kids are going to be out for a couple of hours to get things done around the house. Not having this time to myself hasn’t become a problem yet, but I imagine I will be quite happy when we do reach some sense of normality.

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