School lunch hiatus

I haven’t packed a school lunch in…days!

Rejoice! 😀

I have however made supper every day. Boo.

Wanna know what I cooked yesterday?

I had four small sausages in the freezer. That would have provided sustenance for the teen boy, but not the rest of us. So…I stretched them into a meal. 😀

I made a casserole.

This is how:

Rice casserole with sausage and broccoli

I cut up the sausages and baked them in the oven until cooked through. Meanwhile I cooked rice on the stove.

To flavour the rice I used one cup of homemade chicken broth from the soup pot also bubbling on the stove.

I had cooked the carcass from the roast chicken a few days ago with the odds and ends of cut up veggies steeping in it, and then turned the broth into soup. Now we have instant lunch for a couple of days. May dip into the pasta pile and add some carbs.

The broth flavoured the rice nicely so when it was almost, but not completely, absorbed I scooped the rice into a casserole dish.

Next came the cut up sausages, followed by the fresh broccoli which was just starting to show a little bit of yellow.

Topped the entire thing with about a third of the cheese I normally use (rationing times, friends), and placed back into the still hot oven for 15 minutes.

We like our broccoli fairly crunchy, so I kept the dish uncovered.

Anyway this killed an hour. Good thing I enjoy cooking. And with no sports venue to rush off to, I was able to relax, rather than multi-task and rush around and direct homework and clean-up and blah blah blah. 😄

This pandemic is going to be around for a while before it calms down; North America is literally only at the threshold of what promises to be a big change in our lives.

I’m ready. So are you.

Stay sane, focused on the positives, and creative. This is a prime time to dip into your creativity reserves! Show and share what you can do.

Stay home, stay healthy, stay well.

I’m happy to chat with you on any chat app, email me if you want to set it up.

See you in the comments.

18 thoughts on “School lunch hiatus

    1. I’m without wine and chocolate so I don’t know about ‘fun’… 😛

      Yeah I do the same for quinoa, but I haven’t cooked farro or kasha (yet). Maybe when the pandemic is over (for a few weeks? lol) I’ll go to the bulk barn and pick some up for variety.

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  1. Rice is a great extender. I use it in various ways with my roasted or saute’d veg for lunches. Make them up on my day off and have containers ready to grab. Doing that allows for my bigger meal around lunch time, then something lighter and simple in the evening because I hate to cook when I get home from work, even if it’s just for myself!

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  2. Nice! Last night we sautéed carrots, celery and onion, tomato and frozen Brussels sprouts, added ditalini. And olive oil and threw in some fresh herbs. Did avo toast this morning with eggs

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