What to hoard next

Wanna know something funny?

Stores may be out of toilet paper, non-perishables and cleaning supplies, but the shelves containing Easter chocolate remain untouched.


Disclaimer: I hereby absolve from claiming responsibility for inevitable chocolate hoarding due to this post.

Basically what I’m saying is:

Do what you want but don’t blame me if you get tackled by social-distanced, hormonal women who have been cooped up in their homes for 24 hours with bored children…



23 thoughts on “What to hoard next

  1. Yeah, my Costco thinks that artisanal, free trade, organic chocolate chips are a seasonal Christmas item. So after Christmas…I stock up. I guess I was hoarding even before the virus. (They have similarly misguided ideas about organic high end cocoa. And yes I’ll be baking through the crisis. In fact, I’ll have a cookie now.)

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  2. I went to the store to get black beans and shocker, they only had 3 cans left. But as I walked to checkout I giggled because yes all the easter candy was stocked to the heavens. I think I’ll grab me a chocolate bunny tomorrow. LOL

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      1. I probably will, but I luckily had some on hand already. I just thought it was kind of funny because I don’t think the candy aisle had been ransacked. Just the chocolate chips.

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  3. Well, if you fill your cart up with chocolate to the brim, someone else in the store will see it and assume you are hoarding chocolate because of the virus, so they will load up as well. Now TWO people are running around the store with a cart full of chocolate, causing even more to take notice and figure it must be bad since I have seen two chocolate hoarders in the same store…and thus starts a run on chocolate. For no other reason that you had a craving.

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      1. Too bad the guy that bought a cart full of toilet paper because of an upcoming scout jamboree did not think the same way. Maybe buying something to wipe with would not be such an adventure.

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      2. Listen. I know you’re a common sense, rational person. You have training in survival. I gotta tell you, I don’t have your background or knowledge but I’m of the mind “use what you have”. We run out of toilet paper and I for one know what to do next. And this is coming from a menstruating woman who currently has the luxury of using baby wipes on her tushie. 😉 I didn’t stock up on wipes, I left them for the moms with diapered children.

        People fall in with the mass panic because it gives them a sense of misplaced control amid scenes of chaos.

        Why don’t you share a few pointers on your blog on what to do if certain luxury items become temporarily unavailable. I’ll share you on my blog. We can get the word out. Even if a few select families benefit, all the better.

        You in?


      3. Sure, you mean like adding 1 teaspoon of minty mouthwash to 8 oz of regular hand lotion gives you a perfect hand Sanitizer, or poring Sterno through cheesecloth can give you an alcohol that can run a car? I can do everyday survival tasks, or I can do “dropped into a desert with no provisions” survival tasks. What you have in mind?

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      4. I agree! Soap and water is a better way to go anyway. I will offer you a couple of survival tips a day, you can share them, OK? Here is a good one – Soy and Peanut oil both have a heat tolerance of 625 degrees (F), and in short term, emergency situations, can be used to lubricate a running car engine. The catch? The temp has to be above freezing, and can buy about an hour of running time. Another one? If you are hiking in bear territory, take along a 40 oz jar of peanut butter. If you see a bear and he is licking his chops, open the jar and toss it a few feet toward the bear. They will spend hours trying to get to the bottom of that jar. Plenty of time to get away. (Learned this little trick from an Army Ranger when I was in Washington State).

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  4. I braved the local grocery last night. It was the most amazing thing to see. Some aisles totally cleared of product, but what I went for– fruit/veg and meats– no one was even in those sections. The local candy aisle was stocked as well. Let me know if you need a chocolate care package. Or wine, there’s lots and lots of wine. 🙂

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