The stress is building…but not about the virus

I’m stressed. Apparently we’re going to be moving. Did you know this? Neither did I. 😬

So while I’m trying to de-stress my post-boot-camp body and de-stress my brain with this endless moving-not-moving situation, I turn on the tv for some up to date info on this freaking virus and…

The news keeps changing. Every few minutes. The numbers are climbing exponentially.

I turned off the sound and activated the captioning while I puttered around here. Every time I look at the screen there’s a new situation being reported.

Today, WHO declared the novel coronavirus a pandemic.

Then, someone on twitter reported a crash between two transport trucks on Canada’s busiest highway 401. One of the trucks was carrying toilet paper. πŸ˜‚

I guess the madness has just begun!

I can’t help but think back to the early seasons of The Walking Dead where Rick and crew tried to prepare for the worst every time they found a place to shelter in, and then some shit would happen and they’d have to abandon their proactively packaged bins and bags and boxes and make do with what they could find or steal or kill for.Β  πŸ™„

Here we go. Keep your head on. And don’t come to my house if you run out of toilet paper. πŸ˜›



19 thoughts on “The stress is building…but not about the virus

    1. This house has been my nemesis for years. My partner is about 10 years behind in cluing in that going forward like this will not end well. He’s looking…in places far away from the schools the kids are in.

      This story will continue. But not today. Don’t worry, I blog when I’m stressed. You will hear about this again. πŸ™‚

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  1. Yesterday morning I wrote a blog post about how there were no cases in South Dakota. By the afternoon, I learned there had been five reported cases and one death (in my county, no less). It is concerning how quickly this thing is spreading. Even if it doesn’t kill us, it’s clearly making an impact in many other ways. I’m hoping we at least benefit via cheap gas and Trump’s downfall.

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      1. I get that. Really. But there are a thousand things out there that can make you sick. This virus is just one of those. Not sure about Canada, but our government cannot force a quarantine unless they can (a) prove you have the contagious disease, or (b) prove you came into DIRECT contact with someone with a communicable disease. Very, very difficult to do. They do not have legal authority to mass quarantine based on suspicion and geography.

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      2. People need to apply common sense. And it’s much, much more complicated in the USA, I know this.

        Good luck to you guys. I plan on wiping down my kids phones with alcohol when they get off mass transit in a bit…just because. (BUT I did that before coronavirus arrived in the media, so for us, that’s just habitual now).

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  2. If it weren’t so wildly stupid and tragic, I’d be laughing. Earlier today, the virus was spreading and causing insecurity around the world. Then WHO made their declaration (not like we didn’t already know.) Then, as a result, the markets crashed. So here we are, in exactly the same circumstances we were in yesterday, elbow-bumping our way into a new reality, except that now we’re a lot poorer. Tell me how that helps.

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