Tapped out

I’m all people’d out. Finished. Done.

Tapped out of extroversion.

My daughter and I just completed a whole out of town weekend with a group of tweens and their parents. Games at rinks. Meals in atriums. Hotel room doors opening and closing amid giggles and shuffling feet.


Having said that, socializing is a nice change of pace for me. While at away games and tournaments, I get to talk with the sports parents in an environment other than rink lobbies for a change. This is good for an introvert like me. I do like occasional socializing, for a while.

But I have limits. šŸ™‚

The nice part was that IĀ  got to know other ringette parents whose faces I recognized but hadn’t met officially. Their kids play in the same league but in a different age group, either before or after us at practice. I see them coming, or leaving usually. But this time, we were all in the same tournament, and we all stayed in the same hotel.

There was chatter and laughter, comparing notes and exchanging pleasantries, sharing of food and supplies (while mindful of hygiene amid coronavirus).

It was nice.


And after three days, exhausting.

On the way home from Niagara Falls we stopped in at the grandparents and they fed us lunch: girl child got her beloved tomato soup and some cut up veggies, and I got a radicchio salad with kale, which I mixed with some salmon salad.

First green thing I ate in three days.

That’s probably the other reason I’m tapped out. Nutrition flies out the window during youth sports tournaments. I don’t function well on junk and snacks.

We drove homeward via a detour for a sudden craving for ice cream (and I picked up sushi bento boxes for lunch today). Finally we pulled into the driveway in mid-afternoon on Sunday.

Here’s the thing: No matter how organized I am with packing for the trip, the unpacking always looks like this:

How is it we leave with a couple of neatly packed roller suitcases but come home with this fiasco?


And that was just from the back seat! The trunk still had her gear in it…

I blame the weather. Friday was winter, Saturday dryer but still cold, Sunday was sunny and warm, more like spring. So, you gotta pack accordingly, right?


Canada in spring is like having all four seasons present in two months. Nothing makes sense.

Here we are back home and back into another week of same old routine. I discovered the fridge still had all the food in it I had left on Friday telling me the boys ate out or picked up take-out the entire weekend. So I dumped it all into a dutch oven and made soup out of it. šŸ™‚

Today: shopping, unpacking and laundry, maybe some cleaning is on the books for me. No (more) writing until all is done.

Next? Planning my next writing adventure, updating things for the dog-walking business, and…I don’t know yet. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll look for a technical writing job. Did you know I was certified for that sort of work?

Going to check out my dormant LinkedIn account, see if anything suitable jumps out at me.

Good morning Monday…here we go again.

8 thoughts on “Tapped out

  1. I’m not surprised you’re a certified technical writing – there’s never a grammar mistake or misplaced comma in any of your posts! I’m quite envious…..

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  2. I love socialising but also love a night in with a good book or Netflix series whilst wearing pyjamas and drinking hot chocolate.
    Chores will still be there tomorrow, you must be exhausted after the weekend.
    I never cook for hubby to reheat when Iā€™m away anymore as he always grabs takeout! Men!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll go back and catch up on blogs now that I’m back home. As of tomorrow we’re stuck back indoors due to crappy weather but today I’m outside hanging laundry, doing other household stuff…just came in for a quick coffee break. šŸ™‚

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  3. I worked in technical writing for six months before landing my current gig. Technically it was proposal writing, though my title was Technical Writer, so that was nice to add to the ol’ resume.

    Hope you get all caught up on chores today and can take some time to relax. Sounds like you’ve earned it.


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