Girl trip

Good morning from the inside of a hotel room.

Why yes, I travel during coronavirus…but don’t worry, I didn’t fly to other continents. I’m not on a cruise ship. I’m not even using mass transit.

My daughter and I hopped into the car on Friday morning and drove the hour and a half toward Niagara Falls where her annual Ringette tournament is held.

We do this every March. It’s a highlight for the girls, and yes, it includes a stay in a hotel.

I’m currently nursing a headache though, which is probably credited to the change in weather. Yesterday we drove through snow and sleet, but currently I can see a sliver of sun on my wall in front of me coming in through a gap in the curtains. This means I will be visiting the majestic Falls later…probably before we head to the rink at 1 pm.

I really didn’t want to walk anywhere in the slushy, grey conditions yesterday…

Despite fears about deadly viruses in the media, we haven’t encountered much panic. Yet. A few of the hotel cleaning staff are wearing masks, but for the most part I see little evidence of an impending apocalypse.

Doesn’t mean I’m not taking it seriously. COVID-19 is serious and should be taken seriously, but it is possible to do so with common sense.

I brought along a roll of paper towel and a small bottle of ethanol alcohol and wiped down the inside of the most commonly touched parts of my hotel room:

  • Door knobs
  • Toilet handle
  • Tap
  • Remote
  • Light switches

I also brought along our own pillows. Which is another thing I usually do – I have an ergonomic one to help me with me neck.

And that’s it. My girl and I are washing hands with regular soap regularly but we do anyway, not just now as part of some sort of passing fad. I also wipe down our phones and keyboards (and mouse) about 3x per day as well (and have been for years, not just recently). Especially the phones.

So far, so good. 🙂

I’m drinking coffee from a paper cup, propped against my pillows, watching my child sleep in the bed next to me. She was exhausted last night.

Two games, and an hour of hotel pool fun, plus socializing with the other 13 tweens…you can imagine. 😉

There is a complimentary breakfast available until 10 am today and then we are free until game time in early afternoon. The girls want to go to the water park after, leaving us adults alone for a few hours. We may wander around this very touristy town, head down to the Falls, or rest up in the rooms.

I might do some writing.

I suspect there will be a team dinner tonight.

Tonight we change the clocks for daylight savings again which will hopefully signal the weather gods to kill winter once and for all.

Which brings us to the halfway mark of my weekend.

I wonder what the boys are up to back home besides hockey. I haven’t heard a peep (but this isn’t unusual – if I don’t check in first they don’t think to reach out… – is this a boy thing or is it just mine?)

Let’s hope they react to the squeaking guinea pigs by feeding them and topping their water bottle…

Happy Saturday! Who has exciting plans for this weekend?

24 thoughts on “Girl trip

  1. I hope your weather improves also. Snow in the hills of course, and only minus 7 when I woke up. It’s plus now and I am tempted to wash my car outside, but the doors could freeze shut tonight so will likely just wait another few days. I hope the return trip goes smooth, and the boys have dinner ready.

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  2. Yesterday it was sunny, so we made the boys go outside and start chopping wood for next winter.

    Today it’s raining, so I am keeping the twins entertained while my partner takes the oldest boy to his next karate tournament.

    I suspect that we will be having pizza tonight 😀

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  3. I volunteer most weekends at an all-volunteer local movie theater and last night saw the worst movie ever. Seriously, how did “Birds of Prey” get made? The volunteers were talking about corona virus. Some are very worried including the woman who brought her own hand sanitizer in case there wasn’t any – there was – and someone brought a box of gloves which is nice because we handle money. I used the sanitizer, not the gloves. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m equally worried about getting sick in general since I’m allergic to all but one form of antibiotics.
    So what’s on tap for the rest of the weekend? Some MustDo paperwork, planning for my trip to Chicago (yes, air travel), and a big hike with Charlie and our friends Kate (human) and Meadow (canine/Charlie’s wife.)

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  4. Weather in the forties, predicted for today, and the fifties, tomorrow. It’s a wonderful opportunity to peek in at the bees to check if they have enough food to get them through the rest of spring. Also, a walk in the woods–to clear the cobwebs of winter and check whether winter storms took down any trees (for next season’s firewood.) It’s only a two or three day respite before winter returns, so we’ll make the most of it.

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  5. Taking dog to get shots…does it get more exciting? Dinner with friends tonight. Play tomorrow afternoon. Spinning today and body conditioning tomorrow

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  6. Working today, which is why I’m up at 5AM reading this. Then, finally, 2 days off to catch up on all the things I haven’t had time for since last Monday 😦

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