Endurance, cardio and other momlife fitness chatter

I went to my second-last boot camp session in a local church basement this morning. A group of local moms come here every Wednesday at 9:15 am, after the school morning routine, and we spend an hour working out, focusing mostly on core exercises, weight and strength training, and a little bit of cardio.

Back when I started eight weeks ago I did some jump rope. I could do something like 11 seconds before I had to stop from all the huffing and puffing.

Today, I did three sets of 80 seconds. That’s almost a minute and a half! πŸ™‚

Tanya, the lady who runs this boot camp, has four stations set up and we run through each one and do three sessions at each station. The jump rope station had us do two floor core exercises focusing on abdomens, and then 90 seconds of jump rope. Do this three times and you move on to the next station.

Another station had us do a wall sit. By now many people have heard about the 60+ year old ex Marine who is doing hours of planks, another brutal exercise that is all about strength and endurance. Well, we do wall sit, which is similar. It looks sort of like this:

Here’s me demonstrating at home, although it’s not very clear in the selfies…

Tanya had us do it for 45 seconds (or however long you can last). It’s hard! I managed 30 seconds the first time, 25 the second, and only 20 the third. It may be worth noting I did that station of exercises as my last circuit before we did cool-down stretching.

Try this at home. Put your body along the wall and pretend you’re sitting down on a chair that isn’t there. Then hold that position.

If you do it every other day and stop before it hurts, even if you only manage 5 or 10 seconds, you feel yourself improving over time.

It’s quite ingenious…but also slow progressing. The point of these exercises is to keep at them, and not give up just because you’re tired or not in the mood. (Which means I’m going to scrape the bottom of the barrel and find some cash to pay for another 10 sessions. May as well continue now that I’m in forward propulsion…)

We cooped-up, indoors-for-too-long folk up here in southern Canada definitely benefit from these simple indoor exercises, mostly to keep those sedentary muscles from turning into jelly. πŸ˜‰

Frankly, I can’t wait for warmer weather to arrive. The church isn’t far and technically walking distance. But I’ve been driving, mostly because of the weather, but also because on some days I have very little time to do writing without interruption and I take full advantage of an empty house whenever I can. Driving to the church takes 5 minutes whereas walking would eat up 15 or so…one way.

The other excuse for not walking is that the little shops along the main road I sometimes frequent are in the other direction. Otherwise, I would have just combined errand running on the way home from boot camp. You know, to maintain a food supply for the hungry teenagers that live with me…

But there aren’t many shops along that stretch except for a cute Polish bakery which has really fresh, warm, jelly-filled donuts and I’M NOT GOING IN THERE AFTER A WORKOUT. πŸ˜›



Cycling over there in the coming weeks is an option and I can’t wait. I miss my bike. Not to mention the leg muscle activity that I get from cycling.

So that was this morning.

Later today I am to spend an hour with Marshmallow, the new client I have for my dog walking business. But his regular lunch time visit was moved to later in the afternoon so when my girl child found out that she’ll be home by the time I have to head over to Marshie’s house, she asked if she could come.

I texted my client and asked her if it was ok for the child to accompany us, and to enter her home, because that is the professional thing to do, and she said yes as her dog does not have access to children usually and exposure is a good socializing thing for dogs to learn. (Marshmallow is only a year and a half, so perfect timing to start socializing him to children.)

This will be perfect, I think..because my daughter is an avid dog lover and has learned all the good tricks and behaviour with dogs from me, and from the various dogs we sit in our house.

So, we’ll have an adventure this afternoon involving child and dog. The dog, by the way, is 9 pounds. I’m not worried…

That’s the plan for my hump day this week.

Aside note: I am beyond bored, depressed and fed up with winter and the same old icky routine. I’m sick to death of everything, and my house is falling apart from lack of tidying and cleaning up messes. I just can’t find the motivation. I want to open windows, dust and vacuum, throw out every clutter that doesn’t spark joy (omg) and then NOT be INSIDE anymore. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way…for me, injecting some dog fun during a day where there is actually some sunshine (today!) is hopefully going to get me out of my funk.

Because it’s March now and if we can’t get outside and escape this torturous atmosphere of being stuck indoors for so long, I’m going to send out invitations for my padded cell in the looney bin.

You’re all invited to visit me, just don’t forget to bring wine, coffee and chocolate.


18 thoughts on “Endurance, cardio and other momlife fitness chatter

  1. Love the picture. Tried the exercise against the wall, you can really feel it on your thighs. Didn’t time myself but it was longer than I thought I could do it. I don’t think I quite got the right angle right with the legs though – I was probably cheating 😊


  2. We’re in the midst of what passes for gross here in Texas. It’s cool and rainy. Gross. I’m sick of it, and want to get a bicycle or something so Mollie and I can explore this town I live in. But it’s gross.

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  3. Ah yes. Boot camp. I remember it well. 90 push ups, 90 sit ups, an hour of intense calisthenics, followed by a 5 mile, 40 minute jog around the countryside. All starting at 0500 (5 A.M.), and that was the EASY part of the day. So what do you do for your boot camp again?

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      1. Yup. I could run a 4 minute mile and an 8 minute two. My body fat was under 2% for most of my military career, and in 1992 I ran the Honolulu Marathon in under 3 hours at the ripe old age of (not 19). Of course, exercise is a lifelong commitment. Now I have learned, in my 60’s, so is weight gain, apparently.

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  4. I was excited because, now that the weather is finally warming up slightly and it gets light early, I can go back to walking outside in the morning rather than being confined to the treadmill…and then I realized Daylight Saving Time is this weekend, so bye-bye, early morning light…for a little while, anyway.


    Also: just go to the Polish bakery with the jelly-filled donuts BEFORE your workout. Problem solved!

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  5. Well done. Me too I must get back into exercising… well at least with the sunny days I’ve been getting out and about for a coastal walk…

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  6. Sounds like a walking area. I look forward to having time to walk more. My schedule begins early morning and then computer and then work in the afternoon. I nibble throughout the day. I look forward to Spring break! I try to stay motivated with interesting bloggers and interesting papers, of course.

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