Discombobulated morning routine

Good morning from the nuthouse.

I’m on my second coffee typing this.

This is neither good, nor is it part of my usual, sacred morning routine. I usually get up before the family especially because I like reading/liking/commenting on blogs and writing my own posts before the morning nuttiness begins…and I do this during my first cup.


I did wake up early this morning. At 3 am or something. I tossed and turned and daydreamed about driving to the north of the city (instead of south across the border like yesterday’s post eluded to) but I must have fallen asleep again because the next thing I knew it was 7:10.



What’s more, one kid’s lunch bag was missing (i.e. not ready for me to fill) and the husband was sitting there staring at me rushing around. He had an early meeting today.

I wonder why he didn’t get at least me up. I usually make him breakfast, too…

Sometimes I think he is still living the life of a bachelor… 🙄

Anyway. Coffee. Typing. It’s raining. This is such a contrast to yesterday’s weather which felt like spring…

Yesterday, my mom came over bearing gifts and food and clean laundry, so when I suggested we walk to the local bakery for a coffee instead of sitting in my house looking at the girl child’s artistic clutter everywhere, she was into it.

The college campus next door used to be known as the Lunatic Asylum back in the late 1800s (how apt 😀) but its gorgeous buildings were beautifully renovated when the college took over. They are situated on park-like land on the shores of Lake Ontario. It ceased to be a psychiatric hospital in 1979. Today, the college is conducting classes there, and it has done wonders for the neighbourhood (but also increased traffic congestion to the point of exasperation for the locals).

I love walking through there though. There’s also a new-ish Catholic higschool as well as an even newer Catholic elementary school on the same property, an Assembly Hall (municipal) and a Tim Horton’s along the bus line into the park. At the end of the property is a leash free dog park, and a Power House with an outdoor skating trail (that kids use for skateboards and learning how to ride bikes in the summer). Just steps past that trail is of course the park along Lake Ontario of which you have seen pictures when I walk my pooches through there. 🙂

Anyway, my mom and I walked through the campus in warm sunshine with coats unzipped.

The usual hustle and bustle wasn’t present though, colleges are on Reading Week (aka Spring Break).

So that was yesterday.

Today is grey skies and rain. And I woke up discombobulated.

I hate waking up late.

There is one new thing happening though:

Today is my first day of my new, furry client Marshmallow. I expect to post about dog walking adventures in the coming days.

Happy Tuesday!


17 thoughts on “Discombobulated morning routine

  1. “Discombobulated” is such a fun word. I don’t use it often enough in my speech. Hope the rain clears up in time for you to walk marshmallow. It would be bad news if you got s’more.
    What can I say? Dad jokes FTW.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. What college is that? I remember pictures you had in an earlier blog post. It does look lovely. I know there are “issues” with your house but you are in a great neighbourhood!
    Yesterday was beautiful here, too. Now it all talk of a snowstorm tomorrow.
    Have a good walk with Marshmallow!

    Liked by 1 person

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