Eating local – brick and mortar pub in the ‘hood

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There is a pub in our neighbourhood that serves traditional Polish food. Or, Eastern European (so northern Germany, into the Baltic states, etc…) If you like Schnitzel and potatoes and pickled things and, um…beer, well this pub serves that.

What’s more, it’s walking distance from our house.

WHAT’S EVEN MORE is that we’ve always said we wanted to go there, and we never did. In the 19 years we’ve been in this neighbourhood, we’ve passed the pub that goes all out with holiday decorating for every single Hallmark moment…Halloween and Christmas is their biggest decorating event, but last night we encountered the very red, pink and white effects of the already past Valentine’s day.

Anyway. We had an incident on Thursday night at the rink that resulted in one child crying, one adult stomping around (not me), one adult holding a grudge until the next morning (not me), and one frustrated and exasperated adult trying to explain what happened from a rational adult perspective (me) who was there and observed the incident (me) to the stomping around adult (not me) who only had eyes and ears for the crying child (she’s over it now).

Bear with me.

The next morning, there was an argument between two consenting adults. One consenting adult (me) misheard the “I wrote an email to the coaches” sentence spoken by the other argumentative consenting adult (not me). What I heard was “I sent an email to the coaches” which I took as acting behind my back (since I was there and he wasn’t).

Long story short, he calmed down after I freaked out and we had a more rational conversation that included the sentence “I wrote it but didn’t send it”.

He realized he was overprotective and also missing some information (since he wasn’t there).

I realized my daughter felt defensive when the coach spoke to me about her disruption during practice. I told the coach I would speak with the child. In hindsight I should have just worded the conversation with my kid differently. (Live and learn. In my view, the coach overreacted, I didn’t think my kid was being that disruptive, she and her friend were just having a little bit of fun off to the side.)

Which is why I told my partner, after we ‘resolved’ the rink issue with the kid, that we all need a break. I suggested we go to the pub that night for dinner which calmed him down and gave me the break of having to think up dinner, cook it, and supervise clean-up later.

Plus, I had some extra cash from some dog sitting that would ease the pain of dipping into the stretched account.

So we went. I had this:

Bloody, spicy Cesar. It was DELICIOUS. šŸ™‚

He had eastern European beer he’d never tried before.

We both had different types of Schnitzel as our main course. Mine looked like this (and I ate about 80% of it):

Breaded pork cutlet with sauteed mushrooms, roasted white and sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli and carrots, cucumber with pickle salad and coleslaw. OMG. šŸ™‚

The kids had fish and chips Polish style and hamburger and fries with coleslaw and pop (soda). They wanted dessert which was Tiramisu for one and ice cream for the other.

It was actually nice. The food was absolutely delicious. We had had Polish/Baltic food before (his mom was Latvian and cooked similar). This particular place felt like grandma was in the kitchen serving home-cooked food. Know what I mean?

It was really, really good. The portions were quite generous but there wasn’t much left after everyone was through eating…

The place is also decked out with several large screen TVs which played various sports (mostly hockey) so I can see this pub serving the Hockey Night in Canada crowd on Saturdays as well.

Best part – no one had to watch their alcohol consumption because the place was walking distance from home.

Plus, we’re helping keep a non-chain restaurant, a brick-and-mortar, Mom-and-Pop shop, in business. The place was full. We will be returning there again at some point, is my guess.

Today, we have warmish enough weather that I hung laundry out to dry on the line, but will be spending Saturday evening and Sunday lunchtime at rinks.

Do you know where Paris, Ontario is? It’s a long way from home and doesn’t have an Eiffel tower…and that’s where you’ll find me tonight. If I get bored, I’ll be on social media. You know, just to pass the time. šŸ™‚

Happy weekend!

15 thoughts on “Eating local – brick and mortar pub in the ‘hood

  1. I’m not sure what Polish style fish and chips are like, but you had me at “pub.” Actually, you had me at Cesar. Bloody Marys are my kryptonite and we often add a splash of Clamato, which effectively turns them into a Cesar. Pubs that are within walking distance are the best kinds of pubs IMHO.

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  2. Glad things got resolved. I totally would have heard “wrote an email” as “sent an email”, too. That is so nice about the pub! My dad’s family is Polish and my grandma cooked like that, too.
    Paris, ON is where Mary Maxim is! šŸ™‚ That’s why I’ve been there (I am in Ottawa but my mom lives in Guelph.)

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