Munchables, snacks and other food distractions

I didn’t grow up with snacks. My mom didn’t buy them and so I didn’t have access to them.

Once I had my own money I didn’t want to spend it on junk, so I never really developed the habit of mindlessly, subconsciously, shoving crap down my throat while vegging out in front of the tv.

My own family is so different. The kids inherited the snacking gene from his side. They don’t even know what it feels like to watch tv/youtube/netflix or whatever they watch these days without snacks…

Our teen boy has an unhealthy attraction to salty, crispy chips to the degree that if they’re available, he eats them.

All. Of. Them.

The tween girl has high carb/sugar desires. Anything baked, sweet, crumbly, or alternately, *fake* candy (made without a single real food), and she’s all into it. I noticed if she indulges too much without a proper balance of water intake and green veg, her skin gets itchy.

“You can take all the antihistamines you want, if you don’t watch it, you’ll develop an unhealthy habit that will be much harder to manage in adolescence,” I told her. “Plus you’ll get skin conditions and yeast infections.”

May as well hit her up with all of the unpleasantness right from the get go. πŸ™„

She’s pretty good with monitoring now but she’s only 12 and it’s going to be a long road through puberty, I think. 😳

I still monitor both kids but I’ve stepped back a bit. At some point, they gotta take charge of their own bodies.

My role as primary food purchaser and meal maker is to control the amount of junk that comes into the house.

Does this mean we never have snacks, or ice cream, or cookies, or chocolate in the house?

No, of course not. (See yesterday’s post.)

But when I do buy things on sale, like Miss Vicki’s chips, I have to ration the portions and hide the bags because otherwise, that stuff won’t last 24 hours. Or 12…

“Where’s the chips,” the teenager will say, appearing out of the woodwork when I unpack the grocery bags.

He can’t hear my instructions to clean the bathroom or put the laundry away, but the crinkly sound of a bag of chips can be heard past his headphones while plugged into the PS4 downstairs in the basement?


Apparently so.

Note: I’m running out of hiding spaces. This boy is a sneaky kid. πŸ˜‚

Anyway. The obsession with snacks during mom’s PMS week is a little out of control. πŸ˜‰

So far, the ice cream I bought yesterday is gone (good), and the chips still in the hiding place (also good). I’ve been advised by internet friends (who don’t want to see me turn into a blimp) to lay off the noshing, which shouldn’t be too much of a problem today as I have several out of the house commitments.

I’m gonna make it. First day is always the hardest… πŸ˜‰

Your turn:

Tell us about your snack weakness and how you manage it. See you in the comments!

18 thoughts on “Munchables, snacks and other food distractions

  1. My issue with food is that I eat to stay awake. It’s not just the calories; it’s the physical process. I’ve tried gum and mints, but thus far they don’t work for too long. I’ve discovered today that doodling helps a bit, so I’ll see if that’s something I can do more frequently.

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  2. “He can’t hear my instructions to clean the bathroom or put the laundry away, but the crinkly sound of a bag of chips can be heard past his headphones while plugged into the PS4 downstairs in the basement?” – Baaaa haaa haaaa!!!!!

    My snack weakness is salty things…like homemade Chex Mix. How do I manage it? I don’t. LOL

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  3. I grew up in a household where both parents were diabetic and my older sister was on a strict diet because she was heavier then most kids (not obese just big boned) so there were very little snacks and sweet things. My ideal snack as a kid was a fruit and flavored water…Then I moved in with my husband and he had a whole damn snack cabinet with like 5 different sugary cereals. Not one fruit or veggie in sight. Needless to say it was too sweet for me but just the exposure to the forbidden snacks I end up going on a binge every now and then. My weakness is chocolate milk (I’m severely lactose intolerant), Twinkies, ding dongs, and Pepsi .


  4. I’m not really a big snacker either and try to eat healthy. Dessert might be a bowl of Skinny Pop popcorn with a couple of pieces of Bark Thins dark chocolate, or Halo Top ice cream. I will admit to an obsession with Dot’s Pretzels, though I portion those out carefully (18 is one serving, and I stick to that). I never used to be this way, but I also had a serious health scare that persuaded me to change my ways.

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  5. I have moments, random moments anymore when whatever health conscious notions I possess just fly out the window. Not horribly often, but if I’m in the store and I pass chip related items it’s hard not to give in.

    It’s odd though because I can have something already in the house, say a general bag of mass market cookies, and they will sit and be ignored, only eaten as a treat on occasion. Salt seems to be my weakness so I am learning to simply avoid that aisle when shopping. That plan doesn’t always work 😦

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