Carby excuses

I have been good with the low carb thing since Monday.

That’s a lie. Monday was a holiday and we were at the Autoshow and I had to eat greasy pizza for lunch.

But I did walk Molly twice to make up for the carb fest.

Lake Ontario sunrise in February. Toronto, Canada

The morning walk, before our outing, was cold but quiet. Only a few dog walkers were out and about.

Lake Ontario again. The rocks used to be a big cliff…last year’s ice storm flattened the cliff.

The second walk, after we got back from the Autoshow, was a different story. Loose dogs, kids and entire families populated the park. It had warmed up just enough to melt the surface ice conditions and turned every kid and dog paw into muddy creatures. (It was a holiday, Family Day.)

I hate this time of year. Mud everywhere.

Anyway, carbs. I had some on Monday at the show plus some chocolate which is just how it is during an outing so by Tuesday I was back on track.

Tuesday rocked.

Protein, crunchy salad with tonnes of veg, no white flour/sugar carbs. Lots of water. Snacking on nuts and seeds.

Wednesday arrived and I was good again. After all, I have boot camp on Wednesday mornings which involves core conditioning, weight training and a bit of cardio. I feel healthy on Wednesdays, usually. πŸ˜‰

I went to the church basement, did my fitness thing, felt the familiar aches in various deep-set muscles I didn’t know I had, and patted myself on the back.

Good job laying off the carbs. 😊

Later on Wednesday I had a medical massage booked. My neck has been bugging me but she gave me a full body and by the end of it, my circulation was pumping through me pleasantly, my neck and shoulder area loosened up, and I felt great.

That’s when it all fell apart.


I went to the store.

I tried to put it off, I really did, but we were on the last roll of toilet paper, and no kleenex boxes were to be found anywhere in the house, and there was almost no fruit left, nor eggs…

I saw a pack of Hagen Daaz ice cream on sale.

I thought I might surprise the kids with them. And the Miss Vicki’s chips were also on sale, so I picked up balsamic sea salt and jalapeno flavours. Both the men in my house have borderline obsessions with crispy, salty snacks.

But then…

I ripped open the jalapeno bag in the car and ate some while driving home.

They’re addictive once you start, although I am not usually a fan for this type of snack. I can take them or leave them.

At home, I hid the bags. I thought I’d pack them some for school and work lunches tomorrow.

While I waited for the kettle to boil so I could make tea, I started fantasizing about the ice cream.

So I ate an ice cream bar. I’m an adult, I don’t need anyone’s permission… 😏

It was vanilla with dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is good for you. (Shut up.)

So. Sue. Me.

After, I felt sick. And disgusted with myself. While making dinner (pasta with broccoli and cheese casserole – more carbs) I checked my app that tracks my cycles.

Well, my temporary food insanity is officially explained excused by hormonal fluctuations. PMS.


Tomorrow is a new day. I’ll just start over then.


28 thoughts on “Carby excuses

  1. We spend so much of our time as adult women beating ourselves up about what we eat! Seriously? I am not advocating just eating whatever you want any time you what but honestly I think we need to be more positive about ourselves.

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  2. Funny, I feel least healthiest on Wednesdays. It’s the one day I give myself a break from walking. Oh, and by the way, jalapenos are a vegetable and the capsaicin they contain boosts your metabolism and helps burn fat, so by all means go ahead and enjoy those chips!

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    1. I don’t know if it’s different for women. I love chocolate, but I can go weeks without thinking about, never reaching for it. Then, I get hit with a craving and there’s literally no point in denying myself.

      So to answer your question: I don’t know. πŸ™‚


  3. And the great thing is that you can start over. It is really tough to cut carbs and not be hungry. I try to eat before I shop now as it really does help. And when I have to buy snacks I get stuff I dislike. But hell you have to live too. Tomorrow is always another day

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  4. Salt and sweets, the downfall of so many PMS afflicted. I remember the days of eating an entire bag of Lays potato chips. It was amazing, but PMS that bad typically meant a week long migraine was in the works as well.

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