Chocolate-less Valentine’s Day

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* * *

So did everyone survive/enjoy Valentine’s Day?

Grandma here gifted the children with giant boxes of good-quality chocolate.

She made homemade cards for them too.

It’s a grandma thing… 💗

Anyway, here’s the interesting part of my Valentine’s story (which I have already elaborated on in a comment on Michael’s blog if you’re so inclined)…

I announced at Christmas to no one in particular but everyone within earshot that we have enough chocolate in the house to last us well past Valentine’s day.


Most of it was gone before February 14. Ha. 🙄

Which is why, when I didn’t get chocolate for Valentine’s Day, I was a little surprised.

But also relieved.

Trust me, it’s better this way. I am doing well with less/no sugar in my diet, and chocolate isn’t something I need to have hanging around my house, especially during the day when I’m supposed to be writing and focusing and not eating/snacking on things with sugar in them.

Do you know how hard it is to avoid the chocolate when I’m stuck? If it’s sitting there taunting me, it’s even harder.


The children’s chocolate boxes do look really enticing. Don’t you think?

Here’s another thing. There are some chocolates that have liqueur in them. There’s a useful little insert that tells you which ones.

So, of course I helpfully marked the boozy chocolates with an asterisk and then promptly cut one of the chocolates in half to sneak a taste under my daughter’s evil eye.


So good.

Shhhhh, don’t tell my mom. (Hi mom!)

(She reads this blog…) 😂

So. That’s the thing about V-day that happened. What’s the other thing?

I fell asleep early on Valentine’s day. We had a couple of appointments to deal with in the later part of the day and on the way home the girl child and her dad were debating about take-out, so we (they) picked up rotisserie chicken and fries and once I added a glass of wine to that I knew I wouldn’t last.

Too many carbs.

I crashed at 9ish pm.

Yippie doo.

It’s long weekend here in Toronto. Plus the kids’ teachers are rotating strikes during their labour disputes. I anticipate less school and more disruption to the routine in the next weeks.

Wish me luck I can maintain my focus next week. Or perhaps I’ll be hiding out in coffee shops…

Happy weekend! See you in the comments.


29 thoughts on “Chocolate-less Valentine’s Day

  1. I will happily accept chocolate any day of the year.
    Also, regarding your self checkout poll, I usually go to the self checkout at my grocery store because George, the store manager who supervises them is helpful and very friendly.

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  2. There’s “better” choices for chocolate fixes, such as Dark Chocolate – anything over 85% cocoa, but reach for 98% – without dairy and sugar. It’s actually good for you, which you know because you just do … Zero empathy and support for the teachers striking. I’ll be nice because your mom is reading this. Also, no chocolate for Peter Nygard.

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  3. Rather ironic that what seems to get heard loud and clear is “please don’t give me chocolate…” over all the other stuff you say from day to day 😉
    I would definitely be pulling out all those pieces of chocolate that are inappropriate for the kids and enjoying them slowly myself. Maybe a once a day treat with coffee!!??

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  4. I didn’t get chocolate either, but since it’s winter and desserts are aplenty I don’t feel too deprived! We went to a concert and my daughter came in for the weekend

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  5. Didn’t get any chocolates or anything special. I was more worried about the husband getting my baby girl her first valentines gift, it was a white teddybear that she’s now obsessed with.

    Random question but why are the teachers on strike?

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      1. It’s the same in Canada. The school bus drivers are underpaid, don’t get paid for overtime due to weather delays etc…

        My kids are old enough to stay home alone now so the strikes don’t impact me much. But it impacts many families.

        I just hope they come to an agreement soon.

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      2. At least if they have a strike they are able to come to a medium between workers and school districts. Here their solution is to cut all high school buses and have the kids take city transit (buses, uber, taxi, or Lyft ) or flat out just find their own way to school.

        Like you I hope they come t some kind of agreement.

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      3. They always do work out something…I’ve been through this before so I’m a little less fazed now. 🙂

        Here the buses are operated by a third party. The school board doesn’t oversee it. My kid quit the school bus after his 2nd year (he took it for grades 4 and 5) and took the city transit. He was much happier. Most kids in the neighbourhood did the same bec the school buses were so unreliable.

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      4. This may seem like a crazy question but is it safer where you live? I myself used to take city transit after school to get where I needed to go but I’m not going to lie I wouldn’t send my kid on it where we live. There’s a lot of kids getting kidnapped in the state I live in. (I don’t live in the hood it’s just kind of rampant all over the state)


      5. I don’t know. I do know crime rate is higher in many American cities than Toronto which is a metropolitan city of almost 3 million. We live in a neighbourhood, so to speak, that is relatively safe (but has all the same crimes as everywhere else). The kids are rarely alone, travel in groups and have phones.

        It’s a process to get to the point of letting go and it’s not easy no matter where you live. Each parent has their own comfort level.

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