3 polls about self-checkout machines

The other day I rambled on about my day and mentioned an incident in a store about a self-checkout machine.

They’re popping up everywhere in modern, civilized society. And many larger chain stores are renovating to accommodate this trend. I see this in in the Greater Toronto Area, but I have also seen this in Switzerland while on vacation last summer.

The interesting thing is the comments that came in on my post.  It came from an assortment of international readers beyond Canada where I live.

This has me thinking. (Uh oh… 😏)

I’m going to write another post dedicated to experiences with self-checkouts. And I want you to contribute.

First, I’ll start with a few polls. (Scroll down to participate.)

And next, a request:

When you comment either in the poll or in this post’s comments, mention your country. If you’re comfortable mentioning your region, town, or even store, feel free to expand with details, but it’s not necessary. I’m not doing an in-depth report, I’m just blogging a little for fun. 🙂

Also, there’s no need to worry I will call the authorities on you… (ha) 🙄

I’d like to quote your feedback and will link back to your blog as a thank you.

Here’s the polls:

I’ll leave the polls up for a few days, and see if I can compose the post by end of next week.

In the meantime, happy shopping, whichever method you choose to pay for your wares. 🙂

PS for those of you celebrating Valentine’s Day – enjoy!

25 thoughts on “3 polls about self-checkout machines

  1. I don’t mind them – as long as they work. Sometimes the scales detect things incorrectly (although not all stores switch the scales on). I will say – for my daughter, who suffers with anxiety, they are a huge plus. She can go into a store, buy things, and not have to stress about facing the cashier.

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    1. Yes I guess facing people when anxious is a thing one can now avoid if given the option to use a self checkout. Sometimes people just don’t feel like talking or interacting…only hope is the machine works. 🙂


  2. Matt here from North East Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
    I don’t mind self check outs for few items but i hate when people with shopping carts full of food utilize the self checkouts which in turn makes people either wait or use a lane with a cashier.

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  3. These things were designed to help shoppers spend less time in a checkout line, since most stores open 2 checkouts even though they have 24 available. Problem is, when they were thinking this shit up, they missed a key variable: human stupidity. Half of the human population cannot properly insert their debit card into a machine, much less navigate the screen. As a result, what would have taken a cashier 2 minutes to do takes these neanderthals 30 minutes. In the end, you STILL have to stand in a line to get to the self checkout. Of course, it does not help when 12 of the 16 available machines have an “out of order” sign on them.

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  4. I’ve voted and commented. As you already know, I’m living in Belgium. The stores I know of that used self-checkouts are Ikea, Carrefour (big supermarket chain — the bigger stores have a self-checkout optionm the smaller ones don’t) and Proxy Del Haize (Del Haize is another supermarket chain, the proxy stores are tiny and limit themselves to selling sndwiches and sushi to commuters).

    I’m really ambivalent about these things. They can be useful — especially if you have a lot of people with very few items — but they often cause far more problems than they solve.


  5. I voted. I’m in Ottawa and like TD, I haven’t cheated because I just hadn’t thought to do it.
    When they first came out it was annoying if there was an issue and there was no one around to help but now at Wal-mart and Loblaws, the main places I use them there is always someone dedicated to them and help is quick and good.
    I only use them if I have like 5 or less items.
    Agree about putting people out of a job – that is a drawback. (It has happened to me in the past.) But this happens in a lot of industries and I feel with changes/innovations other jobs become available. But, yes, the change is hard.

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  6. I voted, but I don’t like them. I only use them when that’s the only option. I have been to some Walmart’s where that’s the only thing available. I think it takes away from jobs, and like you mentioned in your last post – I don’t work there. It can also take forever to get help if there are issues, and the weighted bagging area is annoying and terrible. I don’t want to put my soda in the bagging area! LOL.

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    1. Thank you for the feedback! Walmart seems to be a big one in the comments so far…I haven’t shopped there recently because our store is being renovated (to accommodate self checkouts) plus I hate Walmart but I will end up there again at some point. 😉


  7. Washington State USA. I always use them at the local Walmart. Would like to at my local Fred Meyer but they are inefficient and the cashiers always have to come fix something or other.

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  8. For the most part, I’d prefer to pay to a person, not a machine. I value human interaction and great customer service. But the Big Box store in my Minnesota (USA) community now has few people-staffed check-outs, meaning the wait is long if I want to deal with a human.

    Media reports came out here today warning customers to be extra careful at self check-outs as thieves are putting skimmers on the credit/debit card readers. This is not a new crime, but definitely newer at self check-outs in grocery stores, for example. We’ve been warned.

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