What’s up with the deactivated comments in WordPress?

I contacted the Happiness Engineers at WordPress to find out what the disconnected comment situation is all about. In my case, it usually happens if I publish in mobile (rarely) or if I start writing in mobile, and then finish/publish on my laptop (usually).

Like this post, for example. While I was waiting for my coffee to finish dripping, I started typing the above sentences into my phone. Then, with the family gone off to work and school, I had my laptop on my lap. I was no longer writing in mobile. Next, I had to drive a kid someplace and while I was out, treated myself to a coffee at a local bakery. I continued this post in mobile. This is how I blog – with the constant interruptions I can only write in snippets. So I do. A bit in mobile, a bit on the laptop.

Anyway. Here is how you check if comments are activated on an individual post:

Click on the icon by the red arrow and scroll down to More Options.

Inside More Options you can see whether the Allow comments boxes are checked:

Check the box to allow comments, or leave unchecked if you don’t want comments.

The answer I received from the WordPress Happiness Engineer was as follows:

There is an open issue in the app that causes a post to be published every once in a while without comments enabled. To correct this you’ll need to use a web browser.

Go to WordPress.com > My Sites > Site > Posts and select the post. Look for the More Options area on the right. In there will be the discussion settings you can use to enable comments again.

Basically how I interpret this response is “yeah we know it happens but we haven’t fixed it yet”.

I’ll let my IT followers expand on that answer. Paul, Jonathan, Rachel? Anyone else? Enlighten us with your expertise.

So basically, to allow comments, I need to publish in desktop/laptop, and run through a little checklist like some pilot in a cockpit, to ensure all the correct boxes are checked.

And this brings me to the end of my WordPress comment lecture. (For now… 😏)

PS: The Happiness Engineer responded within 24 hours. WP also has a good FAQ and help support with clear instructions or explanations for most common issues. I also like that they admit that there are open and still unfixed problems. They could have easily made it look like I was doing something wrong. They did not do that. I mean, I’m no expert but I do have some knowledge and ten years experience with WP, so I don’t mind sharing. πŸ™‚

20 thoughts on “What’s up with the deactivated comments in WordPress?

  1. It probably happened when they did an “update” or “upgrade”. At least this is what happens with our systems at work. It always fixes some things and breaks others that had been working fine before.
    Can you tell this is an issue for me. Lol
    We often get the answer that it is a “known issue”. And there is always a work around.

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  2. It looks like they’re working on it. It looks like the problem is because you write your posts in snippets and the comments are being disabled when it saves to draft.

    Having to run through a checklist may well prove to be a bit annoying, but on the positive side, at least you know what the problem is and how to get around it.

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    1. Interesting. I can’t recall back to when it first started, but I do know I’ve been writing in snippets for much longer than the problem with the inactive comment thing. Still, good to know. Thank you for checking into it!

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  3. I had tons of problems when I first started my blog, because I had a tendency to jump from laptop, to phone over to my tablet. I just grab whatever’s closest when I write, but they were super helpful and I’ve had 0 issues since.

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  4. They are good about responding, I’ll give them that. Doing stuff on phone apps still isn’t 100% for a lot of things, which is why I have almost no apps and just wait until I can sit at the table with my laptop the old-fashioned way πŸ˜‰

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