Dreaming while giving the silent treatment

I’ve been exercising my abilities with the silent treatment.

I don’t know what the problem is when people complain about receiving the silent treatment; I for one would enjoy being on the receiving end of blissful silence. πŸ™„

So to encourage silence, I stopped talking. After a big blow up where the straw finally broke the camel’s back, I recoiled.


Do you know how hard it is to not talk to people when there’s kids with activity schedules requiring chauffeuring, and dogs requiring commands and attention? As soon asΒ  speak to the dog everyone wants to participate. When I speak to humans, they suddenly show symptoms of selective hearing.

Like I said in my previous post, a vacation from family would be nice. In fact, I woke up this morning all distracted thinking I was in Miami. Took me a while to get my bearings that I am in frigid, snowy Toronto, not sunny and hot South Florida.


It was such a delicious dream, too… πŸ˜‰

But then reality hit. A coach emailed to ask if my U14 girl wants to play in a U16 game later, which required me to talk to said U14 child whom I’m trying to give the silent treatment to… (I’m so tired…)

She said no.

Fine by me.

One less rink to drive to.

So I gave her the few instructions I expected her to adhere to today including what time we were leaving for x and y (the other stuff she already has on the schedule) and resumed sipping coffee in silence.

We’re dog sitting too. Jerry (the dog we looked after for a week) went home yesterday, and after I got back from an out of town game last night, Molly arrived. She’s 13, so her energy needs are a little less erratic than those of the 80 pound Airedale. πŸ™‚ Molly will be with us for a week as well.

This is Molly-girl.

Plus, she’ll be accompanying me to my parents today, along with the wayward child I guess…(if she’s ready on time).

It will be a silent drive to Oakville.

Don’t ask me what the males in this house are up to. Hockey, probably. I’m not getting involved.

Anyway, thinking back to my Miami dream, are people making vacation plans for summer already? I have none.

Your turn. Tell me your vacation plans, or dreams of places you’d love to visit this year. I’m all ears. I could use the distraction… πŸ™‚

38 thoughts on “Dreaming while giving the silent treatment

  1. A spa weekend enjoying massages and facials maybe in Napa, California? I had my husband take the kids camping when I was over it and my sister and I enjoyed a vacation in watching movies, ordering pizza, drinking wine and lots of popcorn of course! 🍿

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  2. OMG I’m coming to America!!! My beloved and I have just booked all our accommodation and mapped our route and paid for our flights and rental car! It is REAL πŸ™‚ Cannot wait, I have been planning this for 2 years! We are coming to within 15 miles of the Canadian border in Vermont, as well as to Niagara Falls on the border. Anywhere near you? And by the way, I do understand ‘the silent treatment’ and why you would resort to that, but passive-aggressive behaviour creates all sorts of problems. However, you sound like you’re at the end of your tether sista?

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  3. My daughter has three very busy children. Between school and play practices and tumbling and band and sports, she was going nuts. A couple of weekends ago she called and said she’d checked into a hotel for the weekend. She took kids for a couple of hours do they could swim in the pool, but she had two uninterrupted nights to herself. I never had the money to do that when mine were in school. I was kind of envious.

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  4. Teenagers can be super frustrating.
    Planning a trip to Newfoundland. I have been “out east” but never Nfld. We were thinking to go in May but heard it can still snow then so promptly switched to July dates!

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  5. I’m heading to Ireland this summer. No big plans about what we’ll do there yet but we’re going with my friend and her family too. There will probably be lots of eating and drinking, a little relaxing, perhaps some sightseeing and our twenty-somethings will all be able to hang out together too. πŸ™‚

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  6. My daughter applied to study in Italy for three weeks, and though she doesn’t think she’s getting it, I’m holding fire till she finds out. If she does get it, we’re meeting her in Florence at the end of the program, if she doesn’t get it we’re in negotiation. I’d like to do northern Michigan but we’ll see

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  7. I used to escape from my then husband to the coast at least once a year. We aren’t tropical by any means, but it was wonderful to get out and away.
    As for this summer I have no idea, which mostly means if I do anything it will be something close by and as inexpensive as I can make it at the last minute.
    Funny, how when you rid yourself of a major headache in the form of a person you just don’t need as much time away anymore… πŸ˜‰

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  8. Miami Shmiami, Pfffft. It was 73 in the Tampa area yesterday. Today sunny and 80. Selective hearing with teens only applies to WHOM they listen, not to WHAT they choose to listen. They can recall every single syllable uttered by their friends last Tuesday, but cannot even recall that you spoke. Ever. So your silence has little effect on their game plan, so long as their friends are still gabbing.

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  9. I’d love to take a solo trip somewhere. I’ve only done it once, for a few days, and it was so liberating. I love my family, but sometimes I just need space to exist as my own person. Here and there, I dream of going back to that trip, when I spent hours wandering a different city with little purpose other than pure exploration.

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  10. I appear to be getting the silent treatment from the cat. He’s been refusing to acknowledge me since I refused to let him venture out into Storm Ciara this morning.

    Maybe I should equip him with a kite and let him out…

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  11. My wife and I plan to visit the cape cod area of Massachusetts to visit the Edward Gorey house museum for our Anniversary in early May. Gorey was a disturbing artist most famous for the book The Gashleycrumb Tinies, which I highly reccomend.

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