Imagine your words

Imagine your words, written or spoken, affecting your audience.

They teach, the words. Cultivate the mind and spirit.

They inspire. Enlighten. Warm the heart and soul.

Words have meaning, deep and profound.

Tone matters.

Timing, too.

Where do they come from, the words?

They are inside your head. Unrefined, and coarse.


So you polish them, before you open your mouth, or click send.

But not always.

Sometimes you write, or speak, without prior thought.

You get comfortable in your self-indulgent authenticity.

You have to remind yourself:

When you write, you have options. Delete, or backspace, at your fingertips.

When you speak, tone matters.

But the ultimate test lies with your audience.


To speak, you need a listener who hears your words.

To write, you need a reader who reads, and interprets, your words.

To speak or write to no one, well, that makes it futile for some.

Which is why your readers and listeners are your treasures.

Some enter your mind, and your heart, and stay a while. You keep thinking, they hear you. They see you. They read, and comprehend, in ways few do.

But it doesn’t seem to last.

It takes so little to ruin so much.

Think before you speak, they say.

Same goes for writing. Think. How does it sound? How will it feel?

Hesitate before you click. Process those words.

Only then should you speak.

Or press enter.
Or send.

But do you do it? Do you reflect before you launch your words?

When you answer the question, do you pause before you speak, or write, your answer?

It’s too late.

When words are spoken or authored without thinking, conveying selfishness and impractical fantasies, the essence of the union shatters.

The silence is deafening. It stings, and slices the heart in two.

21 thoughts on “Imagine your words

  1. I used to worry about being misinterpreted or saying something that I wouldn’t be able to take back but, as I’ve grown older, it’s something I find myself worrying about much less.

    You can never please everyone all of the time and, whatever you say, there will always be a risk that someone will decide to take offence.

    There are times when I say something I shouldn’t have, but a lot of the time the issue is with someone else and I’m not going to take responsibility for their problems.

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  2. Reblogged this on Notes and commented:
    What if I intend and plan on having no audience of my words and speak them just like how’d I’d let silence speak them to me.

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  3. I work with some rather rough at risk kids part time. I hear and see more things than I care to and can’t always respond. Yesterday was hell on wheels. I wanted to kid and my husband is trying to teach me the art of detaching. I went back and today was good. The support team was really nice also, and one of them told me we know you had a rough rough day. We have been there. Tomorrow might be challenging but I am still ticking and learned not to get emotionally vested all the time.

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  4. words and how you use them are so important they affect everything from relationships to mental health in all of us. They can make something go from bad to good and vice versa. This post literally explains your name.

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  5. I have noted before that I have no filters . I spent a lifetime trying to make things nice, even when the situation required harsher honesty. I do not do that anymore. It is not a matter of thinking or not thinking, it is a matter of education. Theirs.

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    1. I am of the type who will have an innocent misunderstanding or misinterpretation of something and then plunge into self-doubt. I go back over my words – did I say something wrong? Why is it wrong? That sort of thing.

      But I’ve been reflecting. And recoiling, I guess.

      It’s going to take some time for me to rise to your point of view. At the same time, I don’t think someone needs to be rude or arrogant either (I’m not saying you are, I’m saying some people are). But when all conversation stops, it leaves some parties (in this case, me) discombobulated. Confused.

      There is something about words that convey messages with poise and grace. It comes down to thinking before speaking or writing, especially in today’s quick-stroke electronic messaging. Or, as I said, in tone.

      I don’t know. Maybe I should stop writing and talking and just keep my mouth shut. 🙂

      Thank you for your comments, as always. ❤

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