Midlife mom fitness attempts

Boot camp was low in attendance today. One person was sick, several were on vacation on some sunny beach, and I don’t know where the other regulars were…There were only five of us, but two left early.

I still went. I like it there. I’m surprised by this. πŸ™‚

I did jumping jacks today. Note to self: my cardio still needs improving. πŸ˜‰

It is absolutely frigid outside today. Sunny, though, which helps after a long spell of grey doom and gloom. I went to the church basement in layers which came off as I got hotter and sweatier while I worked out.

See my new Lululemon tank in the pictures? It cost an arm and a leg but it’s decent quality and I like it. That was the first time I had ventured into a Lululemon, and a similar post as the GenX experience at Victoria’s Secret one is in the works. As you know, I write about this sort of drivel on my blog.

You’re welcome. πŸ™‚

But I needed work-out wear, and the lower budget stores like Winners and Marshalls had nothing, so I took a chance.

I like it. The picture with the hair down is before boot camp, the one with the pony tail is after.

Anyway, I need to get myself to some sort of a food store. I gave the children moneyΒ Β Β  today since I highly doubt they would have appreciated a packed lunch of celery sticks and sliced cheese.

I don’t really want to go…but I can’t let them starve to death now, can I?

For the remainder of what’s left of January I may update you on such feckless news as pants shopping for teenage boys, preparation for dog sitting, or how to eat a plant based diet in Canada in winter when all the plant based, fresh food is imported and not particularly appetizing.

Or maybe I’ll spare you and get inspired by something on your blog to write about.

Time will tell!

Happy Hump Day.


37 thoughts on “Midlife mom fitness attempts

    1. Reduce calories.
      Track you weight and caloric intake. Know how what your eating (total calories) affects your weight.

      Then reduce calories below whatever you need for maintenance. Start off with 100 below then after a week or so decrease it a bit more.
      Add exercise incrementally (starting small) once you get to about 500 below maintenance.

      Key is don’t reduce calories more or don’t increase exercise until weight loss stagnates on a week by week basis. I.e. weight 200 lbs week x and weight 200 lbs week x+1.

      And intelligent reduction of calories is how you reduce body fat.

      I have also found a lot of success with fasting, particularly 20 hours fasting 4 hours eating daily.
      Optionally, you could do a 48 hour fast once a week.
      I got my leanest (~8% body fat) using this while retaining significant muscle mass (6’3 175 lbs)

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      1. I do fasting too. It’s harder now during quarantine, my schedule has changed a lot with the lockdown, and access to the paleo diet which works best for me is somewhat restricted by the supply chain. I’m in Canada so much of the fresh produce we rely on during the winter months is coming from Florida and California. So we eat more carbs which is not paleo because there isn’t as much produce coming through the border anymore.

        Also my boot camp has canceled during lockdown. πŸ˜‰

        Thank you for your tips.


  1. Congrats – that’s an adorable top, you’re rocking the gym look! I need to stay tuned to your journey – you’re taking a different route to mid-life health than I am. It’ll be fun to see who feels better faster in February! February is heart health month. πŸ™‚ Cheers to weekends where you can sneak in an extra carb or two for enjoyment!

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    1. Well I’m dog sitting for 2 weeks straight so no matter what the wind and weather, I’m gonna be out there walking the pooches. Hope I can stay off the carbs in the meantime.

      Thanks for comment Shelley, things are looking grand over at yours. πŸ™‚

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      1. Gotta love the dogs that keep folks moving outside! When I had a Golden Retriever I spent more outside in the cold walking time. Now the treadmill wins out – I get my reading in at the same time. Congrats on staying away from the carbs!!
        Thanks for sharing your journey – mid-life is the PERFECT time to prevent all the crappy diseases people tend to find our way to as we age. Cheers to you!!

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      1. Prior to giving birth I was the opposite of you. I love putting on some headphones and music and zoning out with weights…However there will be no zoning out with my growing 8 month old. I am going to try to work out with her like a mommy daughter thing.

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      2. Whatever works! At my mom group, which is in a church basement, kids are welcome. The toddlers enjoy exercising on mats next to mom…(they don’t always come but if there is no babysitter the trainer allows the children to join. She has toys for them as well.)

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      3. I wish I had something like that. My baby needs more interaction with other kids and as a SAHM I definitely need more human interaction. I think what you’re doing is a great way to bring community closer as well as get healthy while you’re at it.

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      4. Go to your public library and see if there are any advertisements on the bulletin boards. Or if they have a baby group…I used to take mine one day a week, they’re free and you meet other moms in the neighbourhood who know things and point you in the right direction.

        Good luck!

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  2. I got some exercise today helping husband with laying floors. Whew! My knees ache and then part time teaching teenagers at risk. I am learning so much that I think I burned a few calories. Boot camp, for sure.

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  3. Let me know if you need a hookup at Lululemon … joking, they don’t love me as much as they could ever since I wrote about their Lulu πŸ‹ Posse. Also, I’m quite remarkable – and immodest – at consulting on meatless pantries: legumes, lentils, kasha, rice, quinoa, etc. Jusaying. Congrats on your MMFA 😎

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    1. I read it. Lol…now I have a fresh perspective about LuluπŸ‹… πŸ˜‚

      Only thing I need help with in the meatless pantry is the kasha. Never bought it or cooked it or ate it. I cook and eat with all the rest with mixed results (them, not me, I love the stuff…). You can find me all over the world wide web if you want to hurl some advice at me. πŸ™‚

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      1. Kasha – buckwheat groats – is probably the easiest and amongst the quickest grains to cook. Inexpensive. Nutty flavour. Can be cooked like rice as a carb side, or alternately, as a warm breakfast cereal.

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