The GenX experience at Victoria Secret

Disclaimer: if you shop, and like to shop, and can afford to shop at this store, and happen to be of GenX age, by all means, all the power to you. I am describing an experience I had personally and mean no offense to any snowflakes. Proceed with caution. Trolls, negativity, insults or attacks will be deleted and blocked.

* * *

Two weeks ago I ventured into a Victoria’s Secret for the first time in at least 25 years.

The store I visited in my youth was in Atlantic City (a mini adult playground with gambling and outlet shopping opportunities similar to Las Vegas but on a much smaller scale). I was a 22-ish year old flight attendant and working a charter which meant we got to layover while our passengers gambled and shopped for the day. Then we flew them back home.

So us flight attendants saw a Victoria’s Secret outlet store and we went in to poke around a bit. I bought a tiny little cream-coloured “babydoll” thingy (is that what they’re called? Don’t ask me, I don’t usually wear that stuff…) It was really expensive even at the outlet store for someone who had rent, car payments, student loans and a crappy paying job, but it was so cute! And soft! And… romantic-looking (I didn’t have a boyfriend at the time).

I was smitten. I felt like an adult. A naughty adult.

Closest image I could find that matched what I bought looked similar to this. Remember, I was young and naive…and not slutty. 😢

Can’t remember if I ever wore it, but all the other girls picked something out and so I did too. πŸ™‚

My current experience at Victoria’s Secret a couple of weeks ago, as a ‘woman of a certain age’ (ha), was a little different. Although the items on display may be arresting in their own way for people who can figure out how to wear these contraptions, I wasn’t particularly drawn to them. They may look good on the dummies, but on normal people? People who’ve had babies and are, you know, not 22?


I wandered in anyway and tried to mingle with the very young, heavily made up, expensively clad female clientele (and a few guys, some of whom didn’t look out of place in there at all).

First impression? The music was loud and annoying.

The lighting in that store was all weird as well. Perhaps they thought it was supposed to create some sort of a sexy ambiance, but I felt neither sexy not enticed; quite the opposite, actually. The light was boudoir-ish, and not in a high-end, classy way. (Is there such a thing as a high-end, classy boudoir? You tell me…)

I went to the panties display case that had a 3 for 18 sign on top. It was supposed to be a sale. They were all thongs.

I went to another bin and looked at other undies. As I explored I marveled at the price tag of each. The less material there was, the higher priced the item.


I did like some of the other items in there, like some of the bra and undies sets, or some of the lingerie-sleepware, but the prices make it impossible for someone like me to even consider such purchases. Someone who has a mortgage, cars, and kids in rep sports is perhaps not as preoccupied about such things as she may want to be…

I mean, I do writing and dog walking as a side business, but that’s not an income that’s going to sustain an expensive lingerie hobby…

(I don’t have an expensive lingerie hobby…) πŸ™ƒ

The weirdest thing about that experience was that I somehow ended up in another store while wandering around the Victoria’s Secret. The light changed from red undertones to bright neon pink, and the sizes got smaller. When I exited through those doors, I looked up at the store sign and it said PINK.


I think they serve teenage girls.

Am I missing something? Are these two stores joined?

Bottom line: I think I can quite happily continue to live my life without Victoria’s Secret. And I probably won’t be venturing in there any time soon again.

Or will I… ?

Happy Monday evening! See you in the comments.


56 thoughts on “The GenX experience at Victoria Secret

  1. I visited a Victoria Secret store a couple of years ago and had a similar experience. I tried on a nighty and couldn’t figure out what all the straps were for and how to wear them. Am I missing something? I want, beauty and softness and style and comfort, something that is easy to put on and come off😁. I think I was really looking for an old t-shirt. πŸ€ͺ
    You are right about the two stores joined, go into Victoria Secret and come out a teenager’s space.

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  2. I hear you! Stores like this cater to scrawny size zero’s, and I will never understand thongs (aka ‘bum-floss’) Good luck with the bras cause no matter what size cup you are naturally their stuff is all padded. SERIOUSLY, why would a size C or D NEED padding? Over priced, under sized, and way off target for anyone over 22. They’re missing a huge market! Well said!

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  3. I have loved reading all this commentary. In Aus πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί we don’t have VS in fact we don’t have a lot of those kinds of expensive branded stores because our population is too small, we are a long way from anywhere, shipping costs yada yada. Because of this Australian women get a bit excited by the opportunity to shop in the stores we see on television and other media.
    A year ago I had such an experience when I visited Hawaii. Like most places in Waikiki VS was full of Australians but that is part of the deal there. I did buy a bunch of knickers because I love knickers and I go through them a bit because they tend to end up going home with certain men. One of them was a Pink branded pair that I quite like. Not sexy looking but great to go under pole shorts. I also bought a great crop top and a couple of bras that were quite comfy and have seen the distance.
    Price wise they were what I would consider OK. Not cheap but OK. Certainly better than Honey Birdette which is the high end underwear store here.
    My favourite part of the VS experience? The bit where the sales assistant pointedly asked my husband who was fussing about the need for even being in the store “Isn’t there something else you could be doing right Now?” GOLD

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    1. Omg so funny. πŸ˜‚

      Now…the men take your panties home? Good to know! Lol

      People keep mentioning the bras. Hm…gonna have to go back and check if they have something in my size. πŸ™‚

      Thank you so much for contributing from Down Under! πŸ˜€

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  4. Like Doug, I am a guy and have an alternate perspective. Here it is: For the cost of a SINGLE VS bra, I can buy enough men’s underwear to last not only my lifetime, but have enough unopened packages to will them to my son upon my passing.

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  5. Fun post Claudette I enjoyed this one and reading all your commenters was enlighteningπŸ˜‚

    ‘Anne Summers’ is our own sexy lingerie store equivelant, I’ve only ever glanced in as I’ve wandered past and the decor looks very 1970s seedy……. Incidentally being respectful to your partner, I’d suggest a slim older woman could still rock a baby doll….

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  6. I ignore all the frou-frou stuff and go straight to the bras. They are expensive, but the good ones last for years when properly cared for. My β€œgirls” are rather large and VS has styles that fit me (and support me) well.

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    1. So you are the second one who says this about the bras. Perhaps I need to revisit this store after all…because I have yet to find the perfect bra (and I am not that big, but I still want a good fit).

      Interesting. Thanks for the tip!

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  7. Lol. I’m the weird one here. I buy my bras there, they are plain and simple and support my 50+ year old boobs that nursed three kids perfectly. They also last me for years. Worth every penny honestly. I don’t buy anything else there though!

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    1. Where are you posting from? Canada or the USA?

      I didn’t look or touch the bras at all, but I did touch the undies and thongs and honestly, even for the ‘sexy factor’ they were made very poorly. Why bother spending that kind of money if he’s just going to rip them off you and then they’ll be ripped to bits never to be worn again…I’d rather spend the money on something else. πŸ™‚

      But good to know! I wonder if other midlifers have this experience. Thank you for chiming in!!


  8. One guy’s perspective: I’ve been in several VS stores in various locations in Canada and the US; both as a paying customer (gift cards … not romantic, but sensible) on a couple occasions, and many other times to check out the flooring, which was supplied by a company I previously worked for. Okay, no big deal. Didn’t understand the fuss. Merchandise was as expected: overpriced, but sure. Always greeted and served well enough. I suppose because men are probably scared shirtless to leave there empty handed.

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    1. I saw a few men in there when I visited, but I expect this to increase with Valentine’s day around the corner. And not all were young, some were our age…
      I have a whole other set of thoughts about this that probably doesn’t belong on this blog, but essentially, I don’t have an issue with men buying their lady love a sexy thing for the purpose of having a romantic evening together. Doesn’t necessarily have to come from VS though… πŸ˜‰
      You checked out flooring in Victoria’s Secret? lol (I get it’s part of your job, but it’s still funny…)

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  9. I have a lot of thoughts on Victoria’s Secret. Honestly, I’m not one for cancel culture but I think this brand needs to be on it’s way out. Reading your post reminds me of such thoughts.

    1. Their quality sucks. It has substantially decreased in quality over the past twenty years. But their prices are hella expensive, and have even risen over the years. As you’ve noted, it’s a lot of money to spend on very little (poor quality) fabric.

    2. They don’t aim their marketing towards women – they aim their marketing towards the men those women are dating. It’s a brand that was created by men, for men. I know I’m not the only one to notice this. I’m betting you saw in the store, a lot of the underwear there doesn’t look all that comfortable. It’s cute/pretty/has some sort of ugly pattern or bedazzlement on it, but it’s not something you look at and think ‘hmm, that’ll be great day to day’. It’s underwear that you’re supposed to ‘show off’ to the man in your life. When asked why their underwear wasn’t exactly catered towards women for comfort and feasibility for day to day wear, their founder went on record to say that Victoria’s Secret doesn’t sell day to day, Victoria’s secret sells a fantasy.

    Cool, okay. But, La Vie En Rose sells comfort and fantasy. Aerie sells comfort and fantasy. Calvin Klein sells comfort and fantasy because they all care about the females buying their products, not about making a man happy.

    I’m ranting in your comments section and I really shouldn’t be. I’m sorry. I just wouldn’t be surprised if Victoria’s secret goes under in the next few years…

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    1. V, never apologize to me, on this blog, for giving your valued opinion. Seriously, you say it with grace and finesse. I didn’t see it as a rant. And I agree with what you say.

      The difference I think between the stores you mentioned and VS is, like you say, the main objective. VS product is not designed for comfort or everyday use. The objective is to tease, seduce, provoke men into sex. You won’t be wearing the flimsy little thing for long anyway…

      I personally like the idea of having attractive undergarments that can also tease a little if that were to be part of the plan that day. I like it to be comfortable at least, and maybe not cost and arm and a leg.

      Some stores aim toward that objective. They provide both, the comfort/cute pieces and the sexy/seductive/otherwise useless pieces.

      We’ll probably see a lot more of this as we approach Valentine’s day. And perhaps some follow up posts. πŸ™‚


  10. I only wandered into a VS store once, or it might have been a Pink, I can’t remember, but it was in a mall in London Ont, and I wandered out soon after, but I was particularly struck by the floor – it was a lovely shiny dark marble thing, with tiny reflective stars scattered through it. I guess my money and attention goes to home renos! I used to shop at La Senza years ago, and bought a few bathrobes and many cute flannel PJ’s there for my nieces Christmas presents, but even it is all sexy lingerie now, no PJs in sight, and if you happen to be sitting in the food court having a coffee, that’s your view – all the porn show posters in the window. The sad thing about those stores is their target market is young girls/teenagers, but what exactly is it teaching them? I had a discussion with my friend who’s raising two girls about this topic. PS. It’s really hard for a mature woman to find PJ’s now that Sears is closed.

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    1. There is an outlet store in Mississauga called La Vie En Rose. I find it still has the pjs and things, bathrobes as well that are a little less ‘outlandish’. πŸ™‚ There are 2 additional sections in the store, one for more sexy, flirty lingerie, nighties etc, and a wall of bathing suits and bikinis. I have lucked out there occasionally, mostly for summer sleep ware, and the prices are more accommodating. 20 years ago La Senza was more like that, if I remember correctly. πŸ™‚

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  11. Why the hell would a 60 year old with a 3 child post breastfeeding body ever be drawn into a VS? I can assure you, they would not unless they have the best plastic surgeon on earth.
    I vaguely remember going in there for lotion years and years ago. The other stuff- never going to happen, even when I was young πŸ˜‰

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  12. I liked this post in the first paragraph with “no offense to any snowflakes” Haha!! VS is super expensive!!

    Pink is a store that is owned by VS, and is their more athletic clothing. I love their yoga pants! Super comfy. I have not bought any, but I have gotten some as gifts.

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  13. They certainly seem to be doing well with their target market, though. I guess they’ve managed to convince a generation that the more you pay for a thong, the more it will change your life…

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  14. The Victoria’s Secret catalog was a rite of passage for teenage Mark. Ahem. But that’s another story and probably not at all appropriate, lol.

    Yes, high-end, classy boudoirs exist.
    I think.
    I hope.

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  15. Pink is where teens, college age girls shop. They are both technically the same owner, but you can’t return a pink item to a vs without a pink….you get that I may know something about this experience…

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