Not normal

Have you noticed this about me, that I’m the opposite of normal?

For instance, I am the only person in Canada with a bug bite on her eye. In January.

In Canada, January means winter, which means cold, and snow, both of which we currently have.

Which does not mean there are no bugs apparently. You would think the bugs are all hibernating, or dead. Or in warmer climes.

But no.

The bugs, with their molecule-size brains, all have inbred directions to my house this time of year.

Once they’re in, they wait until I’m docile. Sitting down, or lying down somewhere. That’s when they attack and feast on me. Or sting me. Typically in a location that will impact some sort of essential sense, like sight.

So anyway, I took a Claritin. It’s supposed to reduce swelling and itch from bug bites and last 24 hours. The only other meds I have on hand is Benadryl NightTime which will make me groggy.

I don’t have time for groggy today. 😐

I have been directed by a blond minion to drive to here and there and everywhere today which is fine and dandy but not with my sight impaired so lets hope the swelling goes away soon so I can insert my contacts. And get the driving started.

It’s Thursday! How did this week fly by so quick?


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