Monday morning nuttiness

We had a thing this morning.

Some parental stress that could have been, and should have been, alleviated.

Welcome to the nuthouse! Is this why you read here? To witness family drama in all its glory?

Well you’ve come to the right place. Plenty of drama and neurosis available free of charge, right here on WoW. πŸ˜›

Anyway. The menfolk left. The boy may or may not be cold at his week-long camp thing for school. All I/we can do is suggest he pack this and that, we can’t make him bring, or wear it.

He’ll figure it out. I’m not that worried. 😳

My partner dropped him off on the way to work. I just texted him a lengthy “we should have x” and “we shouldn’t have y”. You know, to remediate the situation.

Having me for a wife is nothing but joy and sunshine let me tell you… πŸ™„

Needless to say he’s ignoring my texts (or maybe he’s, you know, working…) but that’s ok. I don’t really need a response. (Yes I do. A brief “you were right” is always nice…But I’m not holding my breath.) πŸ˜‰

A week of single-child parenting will do us good, I think. The 12yo is still here but she’s a little less high maintenance. And hopefully the teen will have a fantastic time. I think he will, the place he’s going to looks like a luxury resort in the woods. All kinds of wintery outdoor fun will be had, I’m sure. 😊

In the meantime, I’m all coffeed-up, I had my shower and my oatmeal and finally feel a little more decompressed, so I should get off my butt and get the grocery list started.

We have half a pepper and four oranges left. And a liter of milk. I don’t think that’s going to take us far…

Hello Monday! What’s new in your corner?

23 thoughts on “Monday morning nuttiness

  1. I’m sure your son will have a great time. My eldest went on a week long trip to Ypres last year and had such a good time he wants to go again.

    Enjoy your peaceful(ish) week πŸ˜‰

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      1. Reading your stuff makes me appreciate the climate here even more. Except today. 30 degrees and about 95% humidity. You think I am joking but I’m not. Thank goodness for airconditioning

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  2. I’m sure your son will have a brilliant week away. When I was teaching I loved taking classes on residential trips. The children got so much out of them and the whole class became closer as a result. Enjoy your slightly quieter week 😊.

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