Sunday chit chat

Did you notice I made my blog private today? It was me, not WP, and it was an accident. I was goofing around with something else, and managed to screw things up.

This is my head space today. Yay.

Anyway. It’s Sunday evening and I thought I would send out a ramble to entertain the internet. Nothing exciting has happened, so just some idle chit chat. Feel free to skip and ignore at will. 🙂

I made pizza for lunch today. And turkey balls which I dropped in turkey soup made from broth from Xmas dinner.


Weekends are full carb mode for me. I don’t know what it is, but I find my focused, healthy eating habits go straight out the window on weekends.

That’s ok though. I get back to carb-less eating during the week. I can feel it working, I don’t feel as bloated or full when I lay off the carbs. I also do regular intermittent fasting, up to about 16 hours. And I drink a lot of water.

Soup is nourishing, especially with the bone broth I make and freeze. Three of us eat soup almost every day; only the girl child turns her little nose up at my soups.

“I only like tomato soup that Grosmami makes,” she declares, complimenting her grandmother.

Whatever. Who am I to argue with tweens… 🙄

The carnivore men in this house want meat in their soup so I tend to make tomato soup only occasionally.

Next week is a bit of a mess. The teachers’ unions are exercising labour disputes, so the elementary schools are closed on Monday while the teachers walk the picket lines. The kids, of course, are ecstatic over another day off. They had Friday off as well, which was Professional Development day.

The high school teachers in the meantime walk out on Tuesday for a day, but my teenager will be away on a week-long school trip. Seems the principals are supervising the day the teachers walk out, so the trip is not canceled.

For our family dynamic, the break will be a good thing for all of us. 🙄

I envision less food cooking, for next week. And less teasing little sisters, which to me translates into a quieter atmosphere on the home front. 😀

We are snowed in! Well, we are shoveled out, now, but last night was a mess driving up to the rink. Looks pretty though, light and fluffy snow covering the frozen, brown dirt everywhere…the girl went sledding with a friend while I stayed home to prep the food for the hockey people. And then, I ate chocolate.

More carbs. 😛

Hope everyone had a lovely Sunday.  A new week is upon us…see you then.

22 thoughts on “Sunday chit chat

  1. I have a friend in Ontario whose husband is a teacher, so I know all about the strike. Hope it all blows over quickly.

    There is nothing better than soup during the winter. Nothing better to eat, I should clarify. I can think of better things to drink.

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  2. I did notice your blog was private yesterday and thought maybe you were making changes. Glad you are back!
    I am with your daughter and highly suspicious of soup. Lol
    We had a snow storm on the weekend too in Ottawa but nothing like Newfoundland!

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  3. Carbs are bad for Keto. and I do not know if you noticed that they now make a ready to fill pecan pie crust. Walmart carries it with the graham cracker crusts. So now we can make our fluffy cheesecake totally KETO friendly. We make the cheesecake in multiple flavors: Peanut Butter, Vanilla, Black Cherry, Chocolate, Pumpkin, and will soon add Butterscotch, Banana, and Peach. All low carb and low calorie. Did I make you hungry?

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      1. I do apologise, WoW. It struck me as having a smidgen of humour about it late Sunday night – but for the life of me I cannot deduce what that would’ve been in the cold light of Tuesday! – certainly no ill intended. xo

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  4. Whew, I am glad. I thought I might have insulted you! I responded and my husband called it by saying, “I wonder if she was fooling around with the site.” He knows I do the same, also and have frequently messed up things on the computer.

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