Did you know I am annoying?

If someone keeps calling you such a label, it takes a lot of will power to not start believing it yourself.

I start to question everything about myself when I get to this point.

Am I really annoying just because I do not want the lunch bags to sit on the counter for four days? Or to demand they empty them out before putting them in the drawer to prevent rotten, smelly food rests from smelling up our kitchen space? Or to do any number of things they’ve been asked, directed, reminded to do to keep the household running smoothly?

Parenting tweens and teens IS NOT FOR WHIMPS.

I’m making them take me out to dinner tonight. So I don’t have to annoy anyone afterwards to clean the kitchen, do their chores, put their shit away, bla bla blah. And if they annoy me at the restaurant, I will relocate to a table by myself.

And then, when we get home, I’m going to turn on my electric blanket, strip down, and spend the rest of my evening in bed with my phone, a book, and the remote. I may read or blog or watch Grace and Frankie on Netflix. Or maybe Schitt’s Creek. Something funny and stupid and entertaining.

Happy Friday. Hope everyone has a great weekend coming up.

23 thoughts on “Newsflash

  1. I need to be more like you. We’ve got an electric blanket on our bed and the weather has been cold, but I have not once stripped down and had an evening like yours. I am clearly doing something wrong here.

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    1. It was actually nice! 3 of us had gourmet burgers and one had gourmet meatloaf. And salads. And after the kids wanted frozen yogurt at another location in the mall. The restaurant is called Pickle Barrel and it consistently delivers quality so everyone was happy and I didn’t have to relocate to an empty table. πŸ˜‰


  2. Run away for breakfast in a fast car, a long coffee in the middle of nowhere and then exercise at your class and the demons may leave …I mean the annoying vision replaying that you are an annoyance in your thoughts.

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