Love on branches

Imagine a tree, decorated to please.

With glitter and glass,

And shiny trinkets.

Some are made by the hand of a child.

Others, handed down from generations ago.

But the new year beckons, and for some, that means something:

New beginnings.

Treeless beginnings.

The trinkets are gone, stowed away in the attic.

The branches are bare.

Void of glitz, and void of needles.

Carelessly tossed to the curb on the first day of the year.

Or the next day, or week.

Until, that is…

…a new trend emerges.

Social media be damned!

It appears, the tree has a new purpose.

It’s decked out, once again, with trinkets and glitter.

But this time, in red.

And pink.

Perhaps with roses, or some other flower.

Maybe some lace.

And an angel or three.

Chubby angels with bows and arrows, aiming straight for your heart.

Love is in the air. Commercial love.

Fake love.

Unless it’s real. And true.

Only the heart knows.

Social media dictates the trend, and to the sheep that follow.


So for some, the tree stays.

Shining its light in red and pink to welcome yet another retail holiday.

But not my tree.

I bid adieu to mine on the first day of the year.

11 thoughts on “Love on branches

    1. Wow. I didn’t know this actually happened! I guess because we live in such a small house, having an additional ‘thing’ in here taking up space makes it less joyful for me. But if you have the space, and you like the knickknack, all the power! 🙂

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  1. I haven’t yet stumbled across this trend, but…umm…more power to those people who want to hang onto their trees longer, I guess? Dry needles be damned? I’m with you: mine was down ages ago. Almost three weeks ago already. By that token, it’s practically spring! Never mind that our low was -4º this morning…

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  2. I’ve seen this around here! It was October and people had their Christmas trees up, but decorated with fall/Halloween items. As soon as December arrived things changed over to the traditional stuff. I will bet anything that on my next walk through a few select neighborhoods around here that I’ll be seeing what you describe then on into St Patricks items, “spring themed” trees, our July 4th red-white-blue…
    Perpetual trees are clearly what you do if you follow trends.

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