About jump rope and laundry

So. About boot camp… 😢

After Tuesday’s chocolate gorging, I went to check out the local exercise class in the church basement on Wednesday morning.

Well, the good news is, I’m still alive. πŸ˜‚

Seriously though, it’s good that I went, even though I left after 45 minutes. My body had enough. And I am sore. Quite sore.

But, my first impression is I can probably handle this. Even though I failed the 90 seconds jump rope. I lasted 20 seconds…I blame my dogs. I let them stop and sniff too much which interfered with my cardio workout. 😐

The church basement was spacious, well lit with natural light coming in from many windows, and welcoming. The ladies already there were familiar to me in some cases; all our kids went to the same school in the early grades.

The focus was basically core and strengthening exercises, and resistance training. A lot of floor exercises, some with weights, rubber bands, and exercise balls. And the jump rope…ugh. Don’t talk to me about jump rope. πŸ™‚

After I got home I did some cool down stretching, then had a shower. But by mid-afternoon…omg. I had a nap before I had to go pick up a kid. A short, 20-minute power nap, but still.

I. Am. So. Out. Of. Shape.

Anyway, I’ll go back next Wednesday again and do the 10 consecutive sessions. In between, I’ll do some of the exercises at home too.

In other news, my much anticipated massage was canceled. My RMT emailed me she was really sick. So I rebooked to next Monday and plugged myself into my tens system for a while.

Oh, I also did laundry. Long time readers will know that we have been suffering managing without a dryer for half a year, but my new boyfriend appliance repair person extraordinaire managed to fix it and I ran it today.

Here’s proof:

Later, as I ignored the kids who were on kitchen cleaning duty, I shut myself into the bedroom to fold tumble-dried laundry for the first time since the spring.

And that was my Wednesday. Don’t be jealous of my exciting life. πŸ˜›


17 thoughts on “About jump rope and laundry

  1. I am feeling your pain. This week I went to a grading for a new pole studio which wasn’t that long or particularly hard but they made us do this hold which my previous instructor didn’t have the oomph to make us do regularly. Ouch!
    Then I did a twerk class. Turns out making your ass wobble take a lot of core. Yesterday I couldn’t laugh/ sneeze or sit up without grimacing in pain.

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  2. I’m so behind in reading my favorite bloggers… I missed the chocolate gorge and the boot camp decision. You are making me feel guilty. I’m 10 lbs heavier than last year and none of my clothes fit (well – they fit but there are strange bulges all over!). I need to get a grip, but probably not this week… And yippee for a working dryer! I feel your excitement (and I’m serious about that!!)

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