Sweet stupidity

I did something dumb yesterday.

Wanna know what I did?

I ate some of these chocolates:

I have a complicated way of going about this. When there’s this much choice, I can’t help myself, I have to create a system.

So. First, I looked at the little insert, and analyzed what flavour the chocolates were.

Then, I needed a small paring knife so I could cut the chocolate in half. I needed to inspect the inside before tasting it.

Savoring half a chocolate at a time allows the fun to last twice as long, right?

I ended up eating three of them. Or, six halves. 🙃

Then, I felt sick. 😛

Anyway, why was I all freaky yesterday that caused me to gorge on chocolate?

I’ll tell you why:

I was planning on checking out a boot camp in a local church basement run by a local mom in the ‘hood the following day. Like an exercise class.


I have more than half of it covered financially by some Christmas money gifted to me. So that eases the pressure.

There are 10 sessions in the price, and the first one, the ‘check it out’ session, is free.

I’ve been on the fence on what to do about exercising. My dog walking days seem to be over, although I will get back out there and advertise myself again. I’d like to get back to dog walking, I miss it. But until then, the very least I can do is go to boot camp and have a certified person show me how to lift weights properly or do whatever exercises that are targeted to my unique issues. Right?


So that’s why I ate chocolate. Three yummy, delicious ones. Because change stresses me out, and so does organized exercising. 🙄

But this class? I have a good feeling about it.

And, I’m on this whole self-discovery-forward-propulsion-get-my-life-together-midlife-crisis journey, so may as well push a few boundaries.

If not now, when?

Perhaps in the next days or so, you may get an update on whether or not I did join the class, and all the drama surrounding my decision making.

You’re welcome. 🙂




14 thoughts on “Sweet stupidity

  1. Don’t you have a share button with your significant other or your kiddies? They would be helping me get rid of some chocolate! How about bringing the rest of the box to the exercise class? You might make a few friends or depending on the class, not.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I would probably never bring the chocolates to a boot camp class. I did bring gourmet cupcakes from our store to a health club which was mixed with lots of big guys and muscle builders. We needed more business! They loved it and ate them up! On the other hand, not everyone would enjoy my tempting them.


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