Idle no more

Imagine a new day. A new week. A whole new year.

Even a new decade.

Does it mean something?

Well, the kids are back in school today… 🙄

Open your eyes, and face it.

Face what?

The needs. The wants.

The desires?

It all boils down to the plan.

But how does it begin, the motion forward?

Take one step. Then another.

Write down the words.

Forward propulsion is the only way.

Look inside. Are your needs fulfilled? Are there new needs? Repressed ones?

Take another step. Do it.

If Not Now, When?*

I said this before. I must remind myself. Often.

I once read a comment by a man who said:

“I find strength in being vulnerable by exposing certain truths.”

The secret is in the words.

Idle no more. Fuel the fire.

*This post was inspired by one I had written previously, talking about forks in the road of life. Seems like I’ve been there before, and still idle… click this link to read it: The fork in the road of life (March 2019)

2 thoughts on “Idle no more

  1. This post leaves me feeling conflicted. Happy that I still have three weeks before I stand in front of a class and disappointed that I only have three weeks of Christmas holidays left.

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