Old Tuesday, New Wednesday – happy MMXX!

Yesterday was Tuesday. Usually, Tuesdays are double booked late into the night with kids at activities, but yesterday was quiet.

According to every social media platform, yesterday was the last day of the year and decade. And everyone was in a reflective, social mood.

To me, it felt like a regular day. 😉

We didn’t really make plans to celebrate the end of the year and decade. Initially we contemplated heading out to the local Figure 8 skating trail which is walking distance from our house.

But no one seemed particularly enthused. In the morning there was freezing rain, later there was snow and then we all just felt kind of meh about the production of getting dressed for the elements. So we opted to say in.

I spent the day cooking and writing and not taking the tree down. This must happen today. I have limits with how long I can handle the additional clutter. 🙂

We had take-out fish and chips for dinner which meant little cleanup after so we watched a hockey game on tv. The Toronto Maple Leafs were playing the Minnesota Wild (NHL) and of course there were other games like Canada Juniors 🇨🇦 and the Spengler Cup 🇨🇭 …

So much hockey! 🏒

The kids were in a good mood but omg so fidgety and sibling-ish.

“He put his feet in my spot!”

“No I didn’t!”

“She took my pillow I had it first!”

Side note: they’re 14 and 12, not 8 and 6.  🙃

At one point, because of their fidgeting, I had to move my wine glass from the tray on the ottoman to a flat surface next to me on the couch. I had my laptop beside me, with the lid closed. I put my almost empty glass on there. This invited an interesting conversation about spilled wine on laptops which led to “dad will have to buy you a new laptop with his money”.

I said (not for the first time this year):

“Yes he makes the primary income but it’s our money.”

This earned me a teenage eye roll so I added:

“Maybe you can find a way to prevent my wine from being spilled in the first place.” 🙄

Later, as I reflected on this comment, I checked various horoscopes, including the Chinese one which will change to the Year of the Rat later in January, to see what is happening with my finances.

Just for fun, you understand, I don’t actually believe in any of this stuff …

Turns out I will have some opportunities to increase my financial situation in 2020. Both my Chinese symbol (Monkey) and my zodiac (Libra) mention this.

Here’s what the Chinese predictions say (taken from this link):

The Metal Rat Year is going to be a strong, prosperous, and lucky year for almost all Chinese zodiac signs.

Everyone will show determination regarding their goals, aspirations, and even their hobbies.

This is a great year for founding and evolving. Those who plan to buy real estate, to start a business or to invest money in a long-term project have great chances of being satisfied in the future.

But, beware! This type of initiatives will only be successful if they are carefully planned.

Hm, the real estate thing sounds interesting to me. I’ve wanted out of this house for quite a while…

On the zodiac side of things, my Libra predictions also sound kind of interesting.

I love when the scales are in balance, that’s why I picked this image… ❤

Libra’s ruling planet is Venus who is charged with balancing the scales. Sounds good to me. It also says that I should focus on things that captures my imagination (writing?) and expands my sense of possibility ( more writing?). Apparently if I do this, it could get my life moving in a whole new direction (ok, I’m in). 🙂

Sounds like “new avenues of self-expression and personal achievements” are opening for me in the coming year. 🙂

Something to be aware of though, a little caution: There may be some push back by people who love the ‘old me’…wonder if this means the new me is already emerging now?

I think that MMXX is going to be a ride any way I look at it.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

14 thoughts on “Old Tuesday, New Wednesday – happy MMXX!

  1. Coincidentally, I am both a monkey and Libra (I had to look up my Chinese zodiac sign).

    A belated Happy New Year to you, and enjoy the ride 🙂


  2. Hang in there. The world is sometimes a ball of fire and sometimes a yo yo and we are in charge but this only happens once every decade. I guess I should say your day will come the harder you work, luck and opportunity will fall into place before kicking you in the butt moving on to the next person. Enjoy the year!

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  3. Well, we woke up just like every morning. The bank account did not exponentially grow overnight, the bills were all still in place and due, the dirty dished from the night before were still waiting attention…so my conclusion? Not a damn thing changed. AM Jan 1 2020 was just like AM December 31 2019. Oh, except we got to put up a new calendar. Besides, our 2019 was an excellent year for us, why would I WANT a change in 2020? I prefer it to be exactly the same thing as 2019.

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