And so it begins…

Is there such a thing as PTSD due to Christmas mess?

I’m sitting here by myself, the family still crashed out cold, almost literally suffocating.

I can’t even…


Ok so we had our first Christmas get together with the Baltic side of the family last night.

On the way there the kids bickered in the backseats. It was annoying. So when he turned on Twister Sister’s “We’re not gonna take it anymore” I thought ok, genius. lolΒ  After that he played some AC/DC “Shook me all night long” at full volume which kept the bickering to a minimum so it was all good.

Side note one: We are not normal. We don’t play Christmas carols in the car on the way to Christmas. πŸ˜‚

We managed to get to our destination in one piece and had a wonderful time. Plus, I was the only one in the crowd who didn’t take off her boots.

Because…boots. πŸ™ƒ

I never get to go anywhere fun and wear my boots, so I kept them on. They weren’t snowy or salty or anything so no one said anything, and the smokers kept their shoes on too, so I didn’t feel bad (although I didn’t go out for smokes).

Anyway. I ate too much. Had wine. And the Secret Santa gift exchange didn’t turn into a bloodbath so there’s that.

Ha. πŸ™„

I was #3 in the present selecting order of the Secret Santa game. Instead of picking a new present from the pile, I took an already opened present away from our host. He had selected, and kept, a bluetooth speaker I wanted for the kids (or myself).

But someone with a later number took it away from me and I had to select a new present, which was a knife sharpener thingy but had a separate part for scissors sharpening.

We already have a francy-schmancy electric knife sharpener that the man of this house researched to death before acquiring it, but it lacks a spot for scissors sharpening. Which is why we own 418 pairs of IKEA scissors.

Judge me all you want. Boo.

Side note two: I throw them out when they cease to cut paper. They (the family – omg) dig ’em back out of the garbage receptacle and keep them.

I live with hoarders. (help me…)

Anyway. The bluetooth speaker found its way back to me by a friend of the family who took pity on the girl child who really wanted to keep it. (The children were excluded from this game because they get gifted by everyone separately, but we refrain from gifting the adults within the family for reasons we can all appreciate.)

So. This morning, I’m sitting here contemplating whether we should head out for breakfast prior to tackling the mess that is my house, or if I should just eat cookies.

Side note three: the mess consists mostly of the baskets and bags of presents we brought home from Christmas last night. However, as you may or may not know, our GodForsakenRidiculousStupidJerk of a Samsung Fridge had to be defrosted AGAIN just before we made our way to Christmas, which is why I have the fridge contents in coolers and on every available counter surface. I mean, the fridge was full because Christmas and EATING and company so there’s even more food than usual.


Don’t talk to me about joy. Not until after someone else feeds me breakfast that doesn’t require cooking or cleaning up after.

And so begins the very busy Christmas week. There’s a small trip planned to get away for a few days at some point prior to back to school and if/when that happens, that may give my brain the desired space to recharge.

In the meantime, the only thing I want right now is coffee, bacon and someone to serve it to me and clean it up after.


Wishing you and yours a clutter-free, fridge-functioning Christmas week!

19 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. Merry Christmas, Claudette! I don’t always comment but read and enjoy all your posts. The fridge thing is such a pita. My dryer is starting to act up but not ready to spend the $$$ on a new one yet.
    If you have a chance could you let me know the brand of knife sharpener you have? My boyfriend has also researched them to death but not bought one yet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for commenting, that’s so nice to read that you enjoy my drivel. πŸ˜‰

      I will, I’ll email myself to remind about the knife sharpener. πŸ™‚

      Merry Christmas to you as well. πŸŽ„πŸŽ…


  2. Awesome music choices! The only scissors I’ve been able to keep around are some semi-sharp school scissors. The pointy kind for older kids that generally know not to try to cut fingers and other miscellaneous body parts. They work reasonably well for most household chores. Now I have to go feed my cat. She has decided she’s STARVING again.


  3. Maybe, if you’ve headed out to breakfast the car will just keep going on its own to a place where there’s new appliances waiting just for you, left by a jolly old man in red… and a she shed in the back. Merry Christmas Claudette πŸ™‚

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