Snapshots on a cold Friday

Today I realized I failed at numerous goals I’ve set for myself for December, namely in the eating and drinking department.

For instance: I am drinking less water than I need to in order to flush out all the carbs and sugar I seem to be stuffing my face with lately.

So as I type this I am glaring at my third and final cup of coffee because from here on in, it’s water.

A lot of water.

Until 5 pm and then I’m pouring wine. πŸ˜‚

But I’m pretty good at remembering to drink water with wine…This will make me feel better, less lethargic and also less itchy. Sugar makes my skin itchy.

Last night I had no wine. I had to schlep one girl to the bubble for practice and then three giggly, odorous girls home afterwards. By the time I got back I was tired, cold, and not really in the mood for watching the Green Mile which he had going on the main tv. So I went into my bedroom, turned on the electric blanket, and read my phone and book until I was tired enough to fall asleep.

This morning I had to drive the girl to school. She was bearing gifts for a Secret Santa thing they’re doing at school and didn’t want to take the bus.

It only took me 6 minutes to defrost the car, so there’s that. There’s some sort of cold snap Polar Vortex going on, again…UGH.

After the school day is over, everyone will be home until January 6. I am happy about the down time and a little anxious about the down time…do you understand what I mean? I can only handle so much togetherness until I need to take a break… πŸ™‚

I’m still fantasizing about a She Shed that Santa will deliver for me on Christmas morning. I’ll let you know if it happened. (It won’t happen but a girl can dream…)

And so begins the Christmas countdown.

Nugget and Oreo with the girl child, aka the ‘pigs’
There are no She Shed building material that I can see…
Hand-crafted wooden ornaments
Beautiful craftsmanship
Old, inherited ornament from generations ago
Another ancient ornament from my own mom’s childhood – there are secret Christmas gnomes that live in this little house
home-sewed ornament from the children’s Grandmother
Gingerbread cookies I bought for the kidlets yesterday
Saw this. Knock all you want, we’re probably not home. πŸ™‚

So happy holidays to all! Try to stay out of the malls because it’s going to be nuts this weekend.

13 thoughts on “Snapshots on a cold Friday

  1. Your dietary thoughts have been interesting these past few posts, by a process of illumination this year I’ve given up drinking coffee (and noticed a difference), also less food with refined sugar………… lol you really don’t need to know the reason why πŸ˜€

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