The words will come (or not)

Imagine…something. A story. A fantasy. Words that flow out of your head and into your keyboard.

There they sit. Staring back at you.

You hover over the publish button but you don’t click it.

Not yet.

You walk away. Clean something. Cook something. Push a different button, on a machine.

Laundry. Dishes.

But they pulls you back, the words. Compell you to sit. Reread.


Maybe not.

Frustration abounds.

Off with its head!

You go about your day. The moment passes. You serve the needs of others.

Yours must wait.


Then, at the most inopportune time, it happens:

The perfect sentence.

And then another one.

Even the commas are happy!

You pull over or stop in your tracks. You grab whichever device is handy. And you type.

Evernote is your current love affair. You love the way it syncs across your world.

The words are there. They are good. Maybe better than good.

And maybe, just maybe, they will see the light of day.

Some day.

16 thoughts on “The words will come (or not)

  1. I used to believe in scripting the perfect whatever from the genesis of “free thought” to a coherent, readable sentence. That romantic notion died when I learned/willed myself to write “free of thought”. Now, I just edit the shit out of it until I can’t stand any of it 😎.

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  2. 🙂 Lovely post, I’m often intrigued how I can stare at a blank ‘page’ unable lol to grasp a single coherent sentence, then totally amazed that I can hop out from under a very warm shower and the text just flows naturally! …………… I’m convinced it’s a combination of imagination, a mind bereft of all problems, lathering soap into my ‘bits and pieces’ and hot water on my head?

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