Pensive sadness

There is this cloud, it’s hanging over my head.

Maybe it’s the time of year.

Maybe it’s other things.

It’s probably other things.

Melancholy is the word I’m looking for.

Pensive sadness.

Can it be cured with coffee?

And then there was the smoke detector incident.

Question: WHY do batteries in these devices always die at 3 am?

Plus they don’t die quickly. They linger and chirp and argue and announce their will to live another day with much fuss and argument.


I got up. The bed was empty. So I guess I gotta deal. Fine.

I need a step stool to reach the ceiling.

Pressed a button.

Nothing happened.

Tried to locate the door for the battery.

Couldn’t find it.

Squinted to read the fine print.


Stepped off, looked for my glasses, found the readers I use when I wear contacts which don’t work for distance, put them down again, went back to the step stool, moved it back to the kitchen, returned to the bedroom giving the evil contraption up on the ceiling one final glare, slammed the door which was anti-climatic because something hanging off the doorknob caught in it, and went back to bed.

Let it chirp away its agony for all I care.

Fast forward to morning.

It was hard.

The girl made her own breakfast (oatmeal, easy peasy) and tea, but unsurprisingly the teen was nowhere near where he should be. Or awake. Or up.

I made coffee.

Noticed the disconnected evil contraption on the kitchen island.

Maybe the Elf on the Shelf took it down…oh wait. He’s buried in the attic in a bin, never to surface again (one can wish…)

Made a lunch for one kid.

Realized thermos and lunch bag was missing for the other kid. (Why why why…)

Made another lunch and left it on the counter.

Not getting worked up.

Blah blah blah long story short they left for school armed with lunches and I’m sitting here typing random idleness into my phone.

But I will switch in a moment to my laptop so I can verify all the intricacies that is required for a WordPress post because I don’t feel like dealing with another problem today.

I am going to evade my pensive sadness.

The cure, I think, lies in baking Christmas cookies.

Good morning Monday.

How is your day looking?

22 thoughts on “Pensive sadness

  1. Coffee, baking–a good start. But given the trend in your blog, I’d seriously consider getting a full spectrum light and using it for 20 minutes each morning. You’ve been much too SAD. (And I mean that clinically.)

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  2. True story: my smoke detector once went off at 2 a.m. As in, full-blown cacophony. I leapt out of bed and raced downstairs in a mad panic, about to fling open the door and escape to safety. In my haste, I forgot that I was completely naked. Good thing it was a false alarm, but suffice it to say, sleep was elusive the rest of that night.

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  3. Yes. I hate smoke alarms too. The way they – don’t work, basically – because you can’t be dealing with them in the middle of the night. Maybe there’s a patent there for someone – who designs a smoke alarm that is usable. Not me. I can’t make one – too busy trying to get through these reams of writing.

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  4. This time of year always seems to magnify issues, but this seems like an ongoing and disheartening expectations issue… where yours aren’t being met and the people and environment you live in do little to recognize how their actions fully impact you… 😦

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      1. Why should you stop whining? Really- are you asking that much that others consider you and your feelings? I’ve lived these moments Claudette, it makes me sad to see others go through the same thing…

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      2. Maybe It’s about focus. Instead of focusing on what’s irritating, it’s switching the attitude to what is good and going well. I can do better.

        And yes, I am and have been like this for too long – other people’s needs/wants/desires trumping my own. I’m better at not letting this happen as often but I still have work to do.

        Thank you for reaching out. It means a lot to me. ❤

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